“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Two captured and bound operatives, Jesús Gilberto Calderon Quiñónez and Hugo Alberto Pulido Rodríguez, from the La Chapiza mob will narrate on camera the evil sequence of events that brought them to their inglorious end.  

Before they permanently leave this world to join the kingdom of the dead. The names and crimes of all guilty parties involved within the Mexican underworld will spill forth from their mouths. 

Video translation is as follows: 

Sicario: What are your names, where are you guys originally from and which cartel do you belong to?

Captive #1: My name is Jesus Gilberto Calderon Quiñónez and I’m from Culiacán, Sinaloa. I belong to the La Chapiza cartel. 

Captive #2: My name is Hugo Alberto Pulido Rodriguez and I’m from Mazatlán, Sinaloa. I belonged to the La Chapiza cartel. 

Sicario: On who’s behalf did you communicate with in order to come work in Obregón for La Chapiza?

Captive #1: My contact is Herman Romero, stepson of Jonathan Salas Avilez aka El Fantasma. 

Captive #2: My contact to come work in Obregón was through Facebook with my friend Angel. He’s known as El Gordito. 

Sicario: How long have you two been in Obregón and what was your job here?

Captive #1:  My job was that of a commander. I had been in position for a total of 10 days before being captured by the Jale Azul.  

Captive #2: I had been here for approximately 19 days before being captured by the Jale Azul guys. I was a hitman. 

Sicario: Who gave the order to kidnap innocent civilians and for what purpose?

Captive #1: Oscar Martinez Larios aka El Gabito and Oscar Medina aka El Panu. This was being done to heat up the terrain and to generate money in order to finance this conflict. 

Sicario: What could you say is the actual reality here in Obregón, what all would you say to those dumb asses who’ve been misled by the La Chapiza mob?

Captive #1: Well, I’d say that this isn’t a game. Don’t believe what all people are saying. For your own well being don’t be stupid about this. Everything is tough as shit, it’s all difficult as fuck. These individuals have everything well organized out here. This isn’t a game, we have to show respect. Each individual must mind their own business. Everyone needs to just stay focused in life. Don’t fall into temptation or allow yourselves to be brainwashed by what they say because it’s all a lie. I had only been here for 10 days and now look at where I’m at. 

Sicario: What about you fucker, what would you like everyone to know?

Captive #2: I would like everyone to know who’s in collusion with La Chapiza don’t bother believing what’s being said because it’s not as easy as it looks. There’s already an owner here and he will be respected. These men here have balls and they mean what they say. Everything will be respected here. This drug corridor already has an owner and it will continue this way. It’s not going to change owners either. If anyone wants to wind up like us go ahead and give it a shot. But I advise everyone not to bother coming this way because things are really tough as shit here. This isn’t a game with these individuals here. They are to be respected. 

Sicario: And now it remains to be seen if the naysayers want to claim that these captives were obligated to say what all was just said. Everyone in this world knows that you guys are a bunch of scumbag kidnappers. You gang of morons will never overtake us in the cities of Obregón and Guaymas. Keep daydreaming. Your pleasure was short lived with these low level gangsters who came here as a sector boss and a commander. Just as well there have been others who came before them. 

You dumb assess are going to keep sucking dick out here. This drug corridor already has its owner. Nothing here is going to change regardless if you try fighting for it. Our flag will remain in position here and it’s never going to change. As a mob we are tough with the tough.  All State, Municipal, and Federal governments need to pay attention to these pieces of shit who come here to kidnap, extort, and kill innocent civilians. They’re committing these crimes in order to keep their dumb ass bosses happy.

Because when it comes to making money on their own they ain’t worth a fuck at it. Don’t let society be pestered or have to pay for the lost war that the La Chapiza mob has in Sonora. These guys are abducting doctors and businessmen in order to finance their conflict. They’re no different than those pieces of shit who were captured in the Zona Dorada of the Casas Blancas neighborhood in Cajeme. 

Even though attorney general Claudia Indira Contreras may try saying otherwise the truth can’t be covered so easily. You’re dragging society through the mud with your monetary gains through these vultures. Keep sending pigs our way so that we can meet them head on. Panu, you fucking coward. Along with that nut licker Ivan Guzmán. You two pair of dumb asses will suck a dick in the cities of Obregón and Guaymas. You won’t be kidnapping here like you’re doing it in Mazatlán and Culiacán. Sincerely, Sergeant Huracán. 

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