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In Colima, CJNG hitmen interrogated a CDS member who alleged that Navy sergeants were actively protecting Sinaloa Cartel members.

The Beginning of the Interrogation 

Video translation is as follows: 

Sicario: Whats your name?
Captive: Carlos Enrique Silva Rodriguez. 
Sicario: How old are you, who do you work for, and who is your immediate boss?
Captive: Commander Marcos. 
Sicario: Who’s in charge of the extortions?
Captive: Commander Marcos. 
Sicario: Who else is involved?
Captive: El Rojo. 
Sicario: Who else?
Captive: Those are the only individuals…

The Context 

Here’s all you need to know about the current cartel landscape of Colima before watching. There are three major cartel groups within the state. They are: 

  • the Sinaloa Cartel (CDS) Mayo faction
  • the Cartel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG)
  • Los Mezcales / Colima Independent Cartel, a CJNG splinter group

Colima is a small state that lies in between Jalisco and Michoacan – two states with a significant CJNG presence.

So, why does CDS bother to spend a significant amount of valuable resources in order to maintain a presence in Colima, when it’s currently sandwiched in between two CJNG states?

It’s because there is a highly valuable port city within Colima, called Manzanillo. 

As noted by Redlog earlier this week, Manzanillo receives shipments of firearms and chemical precursors for drug production from South East Asia and Latin America. It also receives shipments of cocaine from Central America, Colombia, Perú and Ecuador. 

This helps to explain why CDS and CJNG have chosen important figures from within their organizations leading their forces in the state. CDS has Rafael Guadalupe Félix Núñez, alias “Changuito Antrax”. If you want to learn more about who Changuito Antrax is and his criminal history, please see this previous story

The leader of the CJNG forces is alleged to be Mencho’s son-in-lawJulio Alberto Castillo Rodríguez, alias “El Chorro”. If you want to read his criminal history, please see this previous story

The leader of the Colima Independent Cartel was José Bernabé Brizuela Meraz, alias “La Vaca”, however he was arrested in August 2022, and it’s been largely unclear who has taken over his role.

The Rest of the Interrogation Videos

On February 27, 2023, the cartel news Twitter account Jalisciense uploaded footage of the interrogation. The original filming date is unclear. The following is a transcription of what can be heard, as translated by Sol Prendido:

Sicario: Give me your full name. 
Captive: Carlos Enrique Martinez Cuesta. 
Sicario: Who do you work with?
Captive: The Sinaloa Cartel. 
Sicario :  Ok, let’s begin. Who do you primarily work for, who’s your boss?
Captive: Jorge Raul Rosales Cristerna aka R18. 
Sicario: Is R18 your lead boss, who do you primarily work for? Who do you help to set up those drug stores?
Captive: Commander Marcos. 
Sicario: Commander Marcos? What is he to you?
Captive: He’s my brother. 
Sicario: What’s your brothers full name?
Captive: Marcos Antonio Martinez Cuesta. 
Sicario: Who’s extorting the restaurants?
Captive: My brother. 
Sicario: Your brother? (Marcos Antonio Martinez Cuesta) Why is he charging them?
Captive: It’s being done on orders of R18. 
Sicario: On orders of R18? Who all is receiving that money, how are you guys going about moving that money around from all of these restaurants?

Sicario: Which other government personnel or court officials help you guys within the Cartel de Sinaloa to get out of jail?
Captive: Gallardo. Gallardo and Nacho. 
Sicario: Who?
Captive: It’s Gallardo and Nacho. 
Sicario: Gallardo? What’s his full name and where can I find him?
Captive: Gallardo Flores. I don’t know where he currently lives but he use to stay in Valle Paraíso some years ago. He was driving a white Nissan Versa. I don’t know which vehicle he drives now though. 
Sicario: What about Nacho, what could you tell us about him? Where does he have his office?
Captive: It’s in front of the INE (National Electoral Institute). He drives a big vehicle. 
Sicario: How big? Is it a Ford, Ram, or Chevrolet? Is it that new bad ass truck that doesn’t have any identifying numbers?
Captive: That’s the one. But I don’t know if it has numbers on it or not.  
Sicario: So, besides that truck which other patrol vehicles from the State Police support you guys? Give me a name of one of the police officials who also provides support. 
Captive: Luis. 
Sicario: Luis what you fool?
Captive: Luis Wuicho. 
Sicario: Give me the name of the liaison between your brother and the Navy. 
Captive: My brother is an active duty soldier in the Navy. 
Sicario: Which brother? Give me his full name and rank. 
Captive: Eduardo Alejandro Martinez Cuesta. 
Sicario: What’s his rank?
Captive: He’s a Tercer Maestre (Equivalent to an Army 1st Sergeant). 
Sicario: A 1st Sergeant? What about the liaison, who is that between? How many Navy officials and vehicles does he have as support?
Captive: The liaison is a ship mechanic. 
Sicario: Ok. So, he’s the connect for the Navy? How exactly did everything go down there, who did he get in contact with?
Captive: It’s an individual known as Soto. 
Sicario: Soto? Describe him to me. What’s his rank?
Captive: He’s an official. Tan, short, and he has black hair. From Colomos, Aguascalientes. He’s the liaison for the Sinaloa cartel. 
The CJNG Announcement

Attention all the townspeople of Manzanillo. We are the CJNG and we’re purging all those individuals who say they’re from the Sinaloa Cartel.  It’s only in name that they have as being from Sinaloa. Because they’re only extorting restaurants, bars, hardware stores, and motorcycle taxis. 
The CJNG offers its services against these crimes. So that you’re no longer having to pay those extortionists who are taking your hard earned income that is meant for your families. 
This conflict is only against cartels. Don’t ignore this message. We have on many occasions demonstrated to everyone what all we can do.
But social media platforms haven’t always shown the truth. Instead they contribute to the cyber terrorism of these scumbags. This is how they go about wanting to intimidate everyone with their gossip and fake news. Leave the townspeople alone and come on out to that armed confrontation. 

We’re already within the city of Manzanillo. And we plan to purge the rats from CDS. Along with the police corporations who are committing crimes with them. We have nothing personal against any police department. This is only against those individuals who are supporting CDS and don’t deserve to wear a policeman’s uniform. 

It’s better if you help us. We’re going to leave a number where we can be reached. Don’t give the opposition the money that you earn by your own sweat. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel will give its support to liquidate those thieves who threaten citizens so that they get paid. They’re nothing more than scum. 

For all the restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Such as Nenes Bar, Moreno de Karla, and El Carril de Chandiablo. Don’t bother paying protection fees to these dogs. We’re currently investigating. It won’t be CDS who kills you off. It’ll be us for anyone who decides to pay these rats a single peso. We will also close off your businesses if it comes to this. 

We killed Carlos Enrique Martinez Cuesta aka Jimmy. He’s the brother of Marcos Antonio Martinez aka Commander Marcos. Who was also receiving protection from the Navy on behalf of his other brother 1st Sergeant Eduardo Alejandro Martinez Cuesta. On orders of Jorge Raul Rosales Cristerna aka R18. He is second in command within all of Manzanillo. This after R18 and his lackey lieutenants. 

We’re currently investigating and will be coming after R21 and Colombiano, you guys think you’re bosses within the neighborhoods. The purge has begun. Be fucking ready cause we’re already in position here. 

Yours truly, CJNG Jalisco New Generation Cartel 

Jalisciense 1