My colleague Sister Toldjah wrote a piece on Friday about the members of the liberal media who had been suspended by Twitter for doxxing, because they shared a link that was tracking Elon Musk.

The reporters were melting down on Twitter Spaces. Hilarity ensued when Elon Musk popped into the Spaces discussion and told the whiners “you are not special” because they’re members of the media– that they’re going to be treated like anyone else.

“No special treatment. You dox, you get suspended. End of story,” Musk said.

The liberal media continued to melt down on Saturday, with CNN’s Oliver Darcy crying about Musk’s “conditions” for lifting the media suspensions.

“Musk has restored several of the journalists he banned. But there is an apparent condition to their return,” Darcy whined. “A notice on @donie’s account said he’d been suspended for violating Twitter rules. It required him to delete a tweet before he’d be allowed to post, with option to appeal.”

Oh, my, do they have to delete the tweet that got them in trouble? The horror! I don’t think we’ve ever seen that before — except every time anyone has ever been suspended for a tweet. It’s virtually always a requirement to delete the offending tweet, whether you think you were guilty of the offense or not. Darcy’s reaction to “news” of this requirement is typical.

Many people laughed at Darcy’s acting as though this was some special punishment. He followed up on it a short time later, saying “just for context” that it wasn’t “necessarily a new Twitter feature.” Ya think? So, why were you acting like it was?

People mocked him acting like this process was strange to him when, in the past, he had defended Twitter suspensions and talked about Twitter being a private company.

But they dispute they broke the rules, Darcy said, that’s the “issue.” Again, that’s virtually always “the issue”; that’s not unique. For so many conservatives who were suspended for no reason or seemingly ridiculous reasons, they either had to remain suspended or bite the bullet, without even being involved in alleged doxxing. It’s hilarious that they think this is somehow new, when we’ve had to deal with it for years.

The difference here? Despite what they did, Musk is being transparent, and he even let them back on the platform within a day. Unlike the prior ownership, with conservatives. There’s also an effort going on here to treat everyone the same without special privileges, having everyone adhere to the same rules. So of course, the people who talk about equality have a problem with that. Because what they truly want is the special bubble that the old Twitter offered liberals.

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