Fourteen months ago, I wrote about and critiqued the Colin Kaepernick Netflix special. It was “special” inasmuch as Kaepernick displayed utter contempt for facts and reality. From the moment it began, Kaepernick was weaving a feckless myth. It started with him claiming the NFL was just like slavery.

He said:

Before you are allowed on the field, teams poke, prod, and examine you, searching for any defect that might affect your performance. No boundary is respected. No dignity left intact.

To “prove” his thesis, he presented half-naked men (all black) marching off the stage and into an 1830s slave market. All are in chains, while white slavers bid on them. “Boy!” the slavers call them.  As a black man is being auctioned, the scene shifts to the modern world — a white NFL coach and a black player. Back in the past at the slave market, a black man is on the stump. “Sold!” cries the white slaver. The slaver marches toward the camera and stops to shake the hand… of an NFL coach.

This would be funny, if people didn’t believe his nonsense. Kaepernick made provably false claims throughout his hours-long missive. But it wasn’t his consistent false claims and myths that bothered me the most it was the way his “docu-myth” characterized his mom and dad. Kaepernick was the product of adoption. Kaepernick’s birth father is black. His birth mother is white. His adoptive and loving parents are white.

How did Kaepernick portray his parents? As bumbling fools, at best. Clownish cartoon-like caricatures were Kaepernick’s go-to. As I watched, I thought about his parents and how the son they raised and helped reach manhood was now throwing them under the bus because they weren’t black.

According to Kaepernick, by the age of 14, he was an oppressed black man dealing with problematic white people “perpetuating racism.” At 14, Kaepernick wanted “cornrows.” He wanted them so he could look like the often-arrested bad boy Allen Iverson. Kaepernick didn’t want to emulate an actual positive role model like Michael Jordan; no, Kaepernick wanted to emulate a bad boy.

In his mythical documentary, Kaepernick made his mother into a clownish, clueless buffoon. To drive this point home, he reenacts a scene (almost certainly made-up) that depicted his mother talking to two black people who are sitting on a bench. Kaepernick’s version of his mom claimed she was the only woman with a black son, who didn’t know what cornrows were.

In the scene, she told the black guy, “You like basketball, right?” You know every white woman is going to assume all black men “like’ basketball. She might as well have said, “You’re black, so you must like basketball.” The couple stared back at her like she was Bedford Forrest in a blonde wig.

Kaepernick was taken by his loving mom to get cornrows. Kaepernick claims that that scene went like this:

At a black-owned shop called Urban Exchange in Modesto.

The stylist asks the stupid white mom:

“You want me to bless shorty like the boy AI?”

Seriously — that’s what Kaepernick claims was the question posed to his mom. She answers as all clueless stupid white people would:

“Oh no, he wants braids like Allen Iverson.”

Kaepernick portrays his dad as a white-bread dummy. Fourteen months ago I speculated that America hadn’t heard from Kaepernick’s parents since 2017 because they were crushed by Colin’s mythmaking, all at their expense.

Apparently, I was spot on.

Now, Kaepernick wants you to believe that the white parents who gave him a loving home are “problematic,” and perpetuated racism (e.g: his parents are white racists). Kaepernick can’t let go of his claim that his parents were less than supportive because he wanted to be like Allen Iverson.

Kaepernick said that after styling his hair this way, his mom warned his hair was “not professional,” and he “looked like a little thug.”

The former football player turned social justice activist said these teenage interactions helped shape his decisions as an adult to embrace his ethnicity.

“Those become spaces where it’s like, ‘Okay, how do I navigate the situation now?’ But it also has informed why I have my hair long today,” Kaepernick told CBS.

That CBS interview tells me I was right 14 months ago. Twenty-one years after his mom allowed him to get cornrows and paid for them, Kaepernick calls her parenting “problematic” and racist.

Kaepernick has stooped even lower and to continues to throw his parents under the bus, when all they did was give their son everything he wanted. What you won’t see him say? “I love my mom and dad.” Mom and dad love him, but it’s not returned.

Kaepernick might be the biggest jerk in America.

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