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Daily Mail: Republicans in chaos as Kevin McCarthy loses SECOND ballot for Speaker: GOP rebels refuse to back leader and throw their weight behind Jim Jordan with party in disarray on first day in the majority 

* The new House of Representatives gaveled into its first session on Tuesday 

* Nearly two dozen of Kevin McCarthy’s fellow Republicans voted against his bid to be House Speaker in the first and second rounds 

* Voting is expected to continue until a Speaker candidate wins a majority  

Nineteen Republican rebels have derailed House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy’s second vote to become Speaker, throwing the party into chaos on their first day in the majority. 

The group of dissenters are refusing to back McCarthy and instead threw their weight behind GOP Rep. Jim Jordan in the second ballot of the process that is leaving the start of Congress in limbo. 

It is the first time in 100 years a Speaker has not been chosen in the first ballot. Now McCarthy, who can only afford to lose four votes out of the 222 Republican members, is facing an uphill battle to take over the gavel from Nancy Pelosi.

 If the 19 Republicans stand firm in their opposition of McCarthy, the GOP will have to find another candidate or the leader will have to find another way to gain their support. 

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WNU editor: Nineteen Republicans want new leadership and they are not budging. If nineteen are this firm, it tells me that there are many more who are not happy with House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, and are only supporting him for the good of the party and/or do not want to upset the status quo.

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