Prague Monitor: Czechia Will Not Deport Ukrainian Deserters to Kiev 

Ukraine’s attempt to extradite refugees who sought shelter in the Czech Republic to avoid conscription is expected to face significant hurdles through official channels. Such a request would likely contravene Czech law, making it impossible for Justice Minister Pavel Blažek (ODS) to approve it, as confirmed by the Justice Ministry to Echo24.

The Ukrainian military is currently launching a counter-offensive to regain territories occupied by Russian forces, requiring a substantial manpower. However, even amidst pervasive corruption, there remains a shortage of recruits. Some Ukrainian men have managed to evade military service by leaving the country with the assistance of bribes, potentially numbering in the tens of thousands.  

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WNU Editor: Five European countries have already made the decision to not extradite Ukrainians who have escaped mobilization …. Already five European countries have refused to extradite men who have escaped mobilization to Ukraine (MIND).