Last Updated on June 13, 2024

Powerful appropriator Tom Cole continues to duck a debate opportunity as he rakes in the corporate cash to defend his perch as Appropriations Committee Chairman and representative of Oklahoma’s fourth congressional district. 

Tom Cole’s firm belief that Biden won the 2020 election puts him squarely at odds with most Republican primary voters, as well as with Donald Trump.

Cole famously told CNN’s Erin Burnett he thought Joe Biden won the 2020 election fair and square.

“If you’re talking about the actual election process, no, I don’t agree … It doesn’t occur on a scale vast enough to change the outcome of a presidential election,” Cole told Burnett.

He continued, “I’m worried anytime anyone de-legitimizes the election process,” he said. “Obviously, Mr. Trump was very successful in the Republican primaries. Nobody tried to manipulate the results there. I think the same thing is true in the general election.”

It may not be a surprise, then, that California Democrats like Adam Schiff take such a shine to Rep. Cole, who chairs the powerful Appropriations Committee.

Corporate-owned California Commie congressman and future Senator Adam Schiff has called Oklahoma’s Tom Cole his “favorite Republican” in an interview that recently resurfaced, as reported by Breitbart News.

On the other side of the fourth district primary ballot in Oklahoma is Republican congressional candidate Paul Bondar, who has publicly accepted the Oil & Gas Workers Association invitation to participate in a candidate debate that was to take place on June 11.

Cole’s performance in congress may indicate his willingness to deprive Oklahomans of a congressional debate.

The conservative Heritage Foundation rates Tom Cole at 54% this session, and gives him a 57% lifetime score.

“I’m honored to accept the OGWA’s invitation to engage in an open and transparent dialogue about the future of Oklahoma’s energy policy,” Bondar said, ahead of the debate date.

Bondar further stated, “This is also an opportunity for voters in the Fourth Congressional District to hear solutions to issues keeping them up at night like putting food on their tables, runaway inflation caused by ‘Bidenomics’, and sealing the border.”

The Oil and Gas Workers Association sent the invite to the candidates in late May, but has yet to receive a response from Tom Cole’s District Director, Scott Chance.

Tom Cole has voted with Democrats for billions of dollars in new deficit spending, including $160B for Ukraine, fueling the inflation that is destroying the dollar’s buying power and hurting Oklahoma families.

At a recent “Legislative Coffee with Congressman Tom Cole” event hosted by the South OKC Chamber of Commerce, Cole stated his proposal to save Social Security by increasing the age at which seniors can begin receiving benefits and reducing benefits based on senior citizens’ income beyond Social Security.

“It is disappointing that Cole’s solution for saving social security is cutting seniors’ benefits,” stated Bondar, “We should be looking for ways to reduce federal spending instead of taking money out of people’s pockets.”

Bondar declared, “At a time when the need for clarity and accountability in our government is more crucial than ever, it is disappointing that Congressman Cole has decided to avoid this important discussion. Transparency is not just a principle but a practice, and the hardworking families of Oklahoma deserve a leader willing to demonstrate it publicly.”