I wrote earlier about Joe Biden’s visit to hurricane-ravaged Florida. On the way there, he made a weird, snotty comment in response to being asked about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and why he wasn’t meeting with Biden. Then, when he was there, he blamed the hurricane on climate change, had a weird, stilted visit with first responders, and told an unbelievable tale about why he still hasn’t visited East Palestine, Ohio — the site of that disastrous train derailment in February. 


The left, instead of concentrating on the people of Florida, made it about Joe Biden. They painted DeSantis not meeting with him as him somehow being fearful of being with the president. 

I don’t think anyone has ever been fearful of Joe Biden except Corn Pop, in Joe’s mind. Former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) even attacked DeSantis for not meeting with the president, calling it “outrageous.” 

But while Biden was making snotty comments and Democrats were spreading political nonsense, DeSantis was taking care of Florida hurricane victims — the thing he’s supposed to be doing, not playing politics. 

He was helping serve food to people affected in the Horseshoe Beach community. 

Now, if there’s anything that might lift the spirits of people who have been through a lot, it might just be a little Chick-fil-A, which makes most people happy. 


DeSantis also met with victims in Keaton Beach, where they suffered major damage. 

He helped bring supplies to others like resident Eileen Lilley. Florida Emergency Management helped provide Lilley with a trailer to live in until she could get back on her feet. 

Earlier this week I met with Eileen Lilley, who was in desperate need of help after she lost her home from Idalia. 

@FLSERT has already been able to bring her a new trailer to live in until she is able to rebuild. We were also able to bring her supplies to get her through this difficult time.

That’s real help that makes a difference, not just a photo-op. 

DeSantis also let people know that the Florida Department of Commerce was providing no-interest emergency bridge loans to help businesses impacted by Idalia. He posted the link to how to apply for one if you needed to. 


He wasn’t just helping out but was also providing information on how people could get even more assistance. 

I’m thinking that’s far more important than playing nursemaid to Biden for a few hours. And at no point did you hear a “no comment” about those affected. You didn’t hear DeSantis talking about almost losing his ’67 Corvette in a hurricane or how his house “almost collapsed.” He showed the difference between delivering real help versus just acting interested for a few hours.