By “El Huaso” for Borderland Beat

The contributors at Borderland Beat aim to cover newsworthy and relevant stories related to organized crime and security in Mexico. However, this means that we sometimes miss the many small footprints left by organized crime groups around the country. This article aims to cover more of these events which do not merit a full article. 

Veracruz, Soteapan  Schoolteacher Alma Rosalía was kidnapped on July 4th. Her body was just found in a safe house on a ranch, reported La Silla Rota.

Nuevo Leon, Salinas Victoria – Three members of organized crime, allegedly responsible for the three beheaded bodies left hanging from a bridge in Salinas Victoria, were captured by Nuevo Leon authorities, reported Milenio. For more on that event, read here.

Mexico City – Two government health workers (IMSS) were arrested by police for carrying marijuana inside the Centro Médico Nacional la Raza hospital, reported Milenio.

Jalisco, Lagos de Moreno – Seven men were captured after a shootout, three of them were under the age of 18, reported Milenio. According to child-focused NGO Reinserta, 30,000 youths are currently working in the service of organized crime groups in Mexico.

Jalisco, Lagos de Moreno – Police captured one man carrying methamphetamine and a homemade explosive, reported Guardia Nocturna

Aguascalientes, Highway León-Aguascalientes – National Guard agents found 150 doses of cocaine hidden inside a large teddy bear plush while conducting an inspection of passengers on public transportation.
Chihuahua, Ciudad Juarez – A body was found wrapped in blankets (encobijado), reported a nota roja Twitter user.
Oaxaca, Cuacnopalan-Oaxaca Highway – 125 illegal migrants from Central America were found traveling in 8 busses by Mexico’s National Migration Institute (INM), reported Enfoque Noticias. There were five unaccompanied minors in the group.
Michoacán, various municipalities – Several vehicles and Oxxo corner stores were burned by armed men across the state. The burnings are related to the fight between Carteles Unidos and the CJNG, reported Milenio.