As part of the company’s global growth strategy and to meet increased demand for sustainable printing and display solutions, Epson announces its move to a new, bigger office in the heart of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. 

With operations in Saudi Arabia since 2013, the new revamped office will be situated opposite the dynamic technology market. It is a 400 sq. m office space which includes state-of-the-art Epson technology from large commercial printers to consumer EcoTank printers. As part of the in-house innovation centre, Epson has installed seven projectors and professional displays to showcase the company’s diverse technologies and the functionalities of its solutions. The new Epson space also boasts two meeting rooms with the latest interactive projectors such as EB-1485FI – ideal for large conference meetings.

Epson continues to expand its reach across key Middle East markets, with more than 80 professionals now in UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt. 

Jason McMillan, Sales Director, Epson Middle East, said: “There is an increased demand for Epson’s solutions in the Middle East market, whether from printing to projecting, and Saudi Arabia is at the forefront with its growth in sectors from tourism and hospitality to retail, entertainment, education, real estate and healthcare. With the Kingdom’s focus on digital transformation, Epson is using this new investment to a larger physical space to focus on being closer to our customers with a continued emphasis on pre- and post-sales engagement, marketing, administration, and technical services.”  In addition, Epson Middle East is expanding its digital presence in the Kingdom to enable engagement via smartphones and other technologies.

Recent research by Epson in Saudi Arabia has shown that organisations in the Kingdom are investing further in technology in the next 12 months, with a focus on sustainable solutions that enable better management of energy costs.