DW: EU defense ministers discuss ‘war economy,’ ammo for Ukraine  

The European Union is looking at how to boost ammunition supplies in both the short and long term at a meeting in Stockholm. A top EU official has called for “a war economy.” 

Defense ministers from the EU’s 27 member states are meeting in the Swedish capital on Wednesday to debate plans to refill Ukraine’s ammunition stockpiles from their own while also ramping up production within the bloc. 

The meeting comes amid concerns that Ukraine will run out of the 155-millimeter howitzer shells that have played a key role in the country’s defense against the full-scale Russian invasion that began in February 2022. 

The EU ministers will discuss the possibility of sending €1 billion worth ($1.06 billion) of shells from their own stockpiles while at the same time considering how to ramp up the bloc’s homegrown arms production capacities.  

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