“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw asks President AMLO why he protects cartels and calls on him to help fight narcos.

President AMLO can no longer hide from the facts that are sinking his government.
His known protection of drug cartels is now known worldwide and the time has come to decide who he is with.
Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw once again sent another strong and direct message to the Mexican president for his opacity in the face of the organized crime that plagues both countries.
Why are you protecting the cartels and not helping them, asks the Texan legislator in a brief video in Spanish, addressed to the Mexican President.
It is the same question everyone is asking and it is obvious to answer.
In a previous tweet, the legislator had already given a well-deserved beating to the whippersnapper Senator Ricardo Monreal for defending the cartels from the U.S. onslaught.
Did the cartel leaders write this tweet for you?
Crenshaw proposes that the Mexican government allow itself to be helped to fight the common enemy that is the narcos.
“I hope you will consider it,” the Republican ends.
Eliminating the drug cartels is in both America and Mexico’s interests.