Last Updated on August 11, 2023

Nascar driver Noah Gragson was suspended for three races for liking a George Floyd meme on Twitter. Worse news for Mr. Gragson is that Legacy Motor Club has released Gragson from his contract, meaning Gragson will have no ride when his suspension is up. This means Gragson has essentially been suspended indefinitely by Nascar. Nascar’s $8.2 billion contract with Fox and NBC is up in 2024, leading many to speculate that Nascar has gone woke to please Fox Corp and NBC.

The 2019 Daytona 500 feels as if it were 500 years ago. Then President Trump attended the 2019 race, using his limo as a pace car. The fans loved it, and even the announcers loved it; the only people that hated it were the woke executives at Fox and NBC.

Things started spiraling out of control shortly after. In 2020, Bubba Wallace claimed there was a noose in his garage. In reality, the noose was a garage hanger. The truth did not stop Fox, NBC, and Nascar from distorting the truth and using the incident to paint Nascar fans as racist hillbillies.

Fox, NBC, and Nascar have decided to make Wallace the face of the sport, despite Wallace not winning any race of importance. Wallace is being promoted by woke Nascar reporters like Daniel McFadin.

Daniel McFadin is the reporter who broke the story that Noah Gragson liked a meme. Nascar quickly suspended Gragson after McFadin’s report despite McFadin only having 5k Twitter followers.

How can a Nascar reporter only have 5k Twitter followers? The answer is that McFadin’s Twitter is littered with wokeness. McFadin even liked tweets that attacked Nascar’s own fans.

Why would Nascar listen or care what weirdos like McFadin have to say? The answer has to do with Fox and NBC caring about what McFadin has to say.

Fox Corp is arguably now the wokest TV network in America. People would be wise to avoid Fox News like it is the plague.