Last Updated on February 24, 2023


A Republican lawmaker is pushing for U.S. troops to get out of Syria.

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) introduced the ‘War Powers Resolution‘ which seeks to pull out all U.S. troops from Syria.

Gaetz’s resolution comes as American politicians continue to fundraise for Ukraine in their conflict with Russia. “Since the invasion of Ukraine, we seem to have turned our attention away from some of America’s entanglement in Syria,” Gaetz told Fox News Digital.

“And the purpose of my legislation is to force members of Congress to vote on record regarding whether they think we ought to continue Obama’s war in Syria. President Obama kicked off our involvement … and now we still find ourselves in the middle of a Syrian civil war with Russia and Turkey and Iran, all present in a very confined neighborhood.”

Gaetz, a member of the House Armed Services Committee equated the U.S. presence in Syria to “a powder keg for very dangerous escalation.”

“Congress has never authorized the use of military force in Syria. The United States is currently not in a war with or against Syria, so why are we conducting dangerous military operations there?” Gaetz questioned in a statement released about his resolution.

“America First means actually putting the people of our country first — not the interests of the Military Industrial Complex.”

Gaetz mentioned the presence of Russian troops in Syria and suggested that could lead to a war with Russia. “The risk of an accident or miscalculation or just misuse of authority could lead to direct kinetic conflict between the United States and Russia in Syria.”

“We ought to really think about whether or not that risk is worth whatever it is we’re fighting for in Syria,” the Florida Republican added.

Currently, 900 U.S. troops are estimated to be stationed in Syria.

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