By “El Huaso” for Borderland Beat

Five men were killed in a gunfight in front of the Municipal offices in Santiago Amoltepec, Oaxaca. A Facebook post by the current mayor claims the attackers are the sons of the previous mayor, who were trying to storm the mayors office and assassinate his administration.

The attack occurred yesterday afternoon, February 14, 2023, right in front of the white and red municipal offices of Santiago Amoltepec, a small, rural town in Southern Oaxaca. Local news reports five deaths and one injured, while a post from the local government confirms five deaths, but claims more were injured.
Photos showing the aftermath of the attack show the bodies of five men with AR-15 platform rifles lying in the street, next to a blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. Municipal officials peer down at the carnage from the balconies of their offices.
Following the event, a post on the municipal government’s official Facebook page claimed those killed were attackers, who intended to storm the municipal offices and kill the sitting mayor, Mario Hernández Garcia, and his cabinet. According to the post, the attackers were repelled and killed in the resulting gunfight by local police and civilians.
The post identifies the attackers as the sons of the previous mayor Abel Garcia Santiago along with two of their bodyguards.
According to NVI Noticias, while the National Guard and the State Attorneys General are investigating, so far no one has been detained for the killings.

This story will be updated as new information surfaces.

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