End Of The American Dream: 5 Global Flashpoints Which Could Absolutely Explode During The Early Stages Of 2023 

Will 2023 be a year when extremely destructive conflicts erupt all over the world? We are certainly already living in a time of “wars and rumors of wars”, and tensions are approaching the boiling point in a number of key global flashpoints right now. If several more major conflicts were to suddenly begin next year, we could potentially witness an extended period of geopolitical instability that would be unlike anything that we have ever witnessed. It is easy to start wars, but it is much harder to end them. If you doubt this, just look at what is going on in Ukraine. There is no end in sight for that conflict, and there are several other wars that could literally erupt at any time. The following are 5 global flashpoints which could absolutely explode during the early stages of 2023… 

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WNU Editor: The five conflicts/flashpoints are Ukraine, Iran, Taiwan, Serbia, and the China – India border. The number one conflict/flashpoint that has all of my attention is the Russia – Ukraine war.