GOP establishment leader Kevin McCarthy voted to remove historical monuments from the U.S. Capitol Building, siding with BLM Democrats against 120 Republicans and America’s history.

Kevin McCarthy voted “YEA” on H.R. 3005 when the Democrat legislation came to the House floor in 2021, as historical monuments had been coming down all over the country on a regular basis for roughly a full year, both by the hands of left-wing rioters and left-wing politicians.

Under the legislation, the Joint Committee on the Library was directed to remove all statues and busts of historical figures associated with the Confederacy from the US Capitol Building, as well as those depicting Vice President John C. Calhoun, late 1800s Arkansas Governor James P. Clarke, and early 1900s North Carolina Governor Charles B. Aycock.

Additionally, the legislation replaced a bust of Chief Justice Roger Taney with one of Chief Justice Thurgood Marshall, due to Taney’s ruling in the 1857 case of Dred Scott v. Sandford.

Though Chief Justice Taney was personally opposed to slavery, he ruled that enslaved persons were not citizens of the United States and that Congress did not have the power to ban slavery within federal territories.

Kevin McCarthy monuments
Rep. Kevin McCarthy voted with Democrats to rewrite history in the US House of Representatives.

While Democrats used the legislation as an opportunity to attack America as a deeply racist nation, conservatives pointed out that most of the monuments fall under the jurisdictions of state legislatures, who vote to determine which statues of historical figures from their state will be showcased in the US Capitol building.

Under the US Code, it is up to the state legislatures to recall the statutes or leave them in place, something McCarthy seemed to understand in 2020, when he opposed similar Democrat legislation.

“When it comes to statues, states have the power,” McCarthy said at the time, citing US Code 2132, but a year later, he flip-flopped and joined with Democrats to get rid of the monuments.

In his 2020 comments, McCarthy added that he would “encourage” state legislatures to remove the Confederate statues from Congress and threw his support behind removing the names of Confederates from US military bases.

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McCarthy’s support for historical vandalism has resurfaced as he continues his campaign to be the next Speaker of the House, dubbing himself “Speaker-elect” despite not having enough votes to win the gavel.

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Facing a challenge from Arizona Freedom Caucus Rep. Andy Biggs, at least an estimated 20 Republicans say they won’t vote for McCarthy under any circumstances, leading the GOP establishment and the likes of Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to claim that if McCarthy isn’t made Speaker, a Democrat, or even Liz Cheney will be instead.

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