Visitors to IDEX 2023 were able to view Czech firm Excalibur International’s Multi-Layered Air Defence System (MLADS).

The ensemble consists of a multirole radar family, a C2 system produced by Czech company Retia and an air defence missile family manufactured by Roketsan of Turkey.

The air defence capability is currently under development and ‘partially in production’ for an undisclosed customer where Excalibur is acting as prime contractor and integrator, the company’s technical consultant David Roth and a Retia spokesperson told Shephard at the show.

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Shephard understands that the client is likely from a Middle Eastern country, and the system is set to be ready by 2025.

At the heart of the MLADS lies a medium-range missile system with a 25km range and a long-range missile system that can engage targets from 70km with its high-explosive fragmentation warhead.

Excalibur says the missile systems have a vertical launch capability and can be used against fighter jets, high-altitude bombers, UAVs, anti-radiation missiles and cruise missiles.

Against similar threats, Roketsan currently only offers the HİSAR Air Defence Missile, but this only has a 15km range. The company also sells its KHAN missile which can reach 80-280km, but these are only effective against land targets.

The system’s radar element comprises medium-range multirole and long-range multirole units with an instrumental interception range of 200km and 470km, respectively.

Both radars provide precision tracking in parallel with guidance of launched missiles, the Retia spokesperson said. They can operate in a rotating mode that covers 360 degrees for surveillance, or sector mode for missile guidance at 90 degrees.

SPYDER-SR SAMP/T S-400 Triumf Patriot SAM system HQ-9
Title SPYDER-SR SAMP/T S-400 Triumf Patriot SAM system HQ-9
Categories Air Defence Air Defence Air Defence Air Defence Air Defence
Subcategories Self-propelled missile systems Self-propelled missile systems Self-propelled missile systems Deployable/static missile systems Deployable/static missile systems
Suppliers Rafael Advanced Defense Systems EUROSAM Almaz-Antey Raytheon CPMIEC
Total Ordered 30 28 125 418 33
Total Delivered 30 27 104 400 33
Unit Cost (US$) 14000000.00 432000000.00 950000000.00 776000000.00 U
First Delivery Date 2010 2011 2007 1984 2010
Out Of Service Date 2040 2040 2040 2048 U
Status In production In production In production In production In production
Entry URL……………
Length 1 (overall) 3.62m 4.9m U U U
Diameter 1 (overall) 160mm 180mm U N/A N/A
Weight 1 (overall) 118kg 510kg 1,893kg U U
Range 2 (effective) 15,000m 100,000m 400,000m 96,000m 300,000m
Effective Altitude 30,000ft 65,600ft 100,000ft 78,740ft 98,400ft
Width 1 (overall) U U U U U
Height 1 (overall) U U U U U
Speed 2 (projectile) U 2,721kt U 1,029m/s 1,440m/s

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The open architecture C2 is designed to integrate with modern air defence system sensors and effectors seamlessly.

The core system components are placed onto a heavy-duty chassis, currently a Tatra 8×8.

The MLADS could benefit from missiles capable of engaging from longer ranges, however, Excalibur is likely to keep offering costs low and target countries with smaller budgets. Additionally, the system could serve as an inner layer of a larger air defence network.

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