“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

“This government has not given more to women, it has taken away what they had and when they have raised their voices it has erected fences to prevent them from reaching them,” said the former PAN presidential candidate.

Former PAN presidential candidate Ricardo Anaya Cortés, today criticized the absence of public policies for women, especially the incidence of femicides and the elimination of social programs with a gender perspective.

In his weekly video, the PAN candidate, self-exiled in the United States to litigate corruption accusations against him in Mexico, anticipated this week’s commemoration of International Women’s Day, to express that there are politicians who claim to support women and do nothing, alluding with images of support to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The PAN politician recalled the extinction of budgets for shelters for women victims of violence, the disappearance of funds for childcare centers, full-time schools, and the incidence of femicides:

“Just look at how feminicides are: 4 thousand women murdered in the four years of this government, for the mere fact of being women. It is an open wound in the heart of Mexico. This government has not given more to women. It has taken away what they had, and when they have raised their voices, it has erected fences to prevent them from reaching them,” she said.

For this reason, he said, he wished that this year “the celebration be one of deeds, not words”, specifically, with public ministries trained in gender perspective, and that the extinct programs return.

“Hopefully, the day after tomorrow, when women march to demand justice and demand that violence stops, they will be heard,” she added.

On the other hand, the also former national leader of the PAN, accused that last week’s video, in which he invited Mexicans living abroad to look for him to guide them on the remote voter registration, was withdrawn without specifying the reasons.

However, he thanked those who have sought him out since then through direct messages on the social network and called on them to continue doing so, as he said that there are some who do not want Mexican migrants to know that they can vote and participate.