Last Updated on March 3, 2023


Ireland has recorded a massive uptick in sex crimes since 2011, according to a recent report. The nation has reportedly seen sex crimes spike by 75% on a yearly basis over that time period, the report found.

According to a report by Gript Media, figures released by the Irish government revealed that there were well over 3,400 sexual offenses recorded in 2021. This constitutes a massive leap from 2011, when less than 2,000 sex crimes were recorded.

Rapes also reportedly doubled over the same time period. In addition, the number of domestic abuse calls responded to by Irish law enforcement each year has jumped beyond 50,000. This constitutes a jump of 40% since just 2019, Breitbart News reported.

“This is a disaster for tens of thousands of people, mostly women,” said Irish lawmaker Peadar Toibín. “In 2011 there were 1,958 sexual offences recorded. In 2021 the figure increased by 75 per cent to 3,433 sexual offences,” he continued.

“Ireland is becoming a more violent place, especially for women,”Toibín said. Society and the Government are failing victims and survivors of domestic violence.”

The report coincides with a massive spike of government-sponsored immigration of primarily military-aged males from war torn regions. Over the past year, native Irish have staged numerous protests against the continued arrival of men from the Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan and now Ukraine, almost all of whom are improperly vetted before arrival, protesters have claimed.

While the latest sex crimes figures did not break down by race, protesters have pointed to statistics in Sweden and the U.K., among other places, in calling for a halt to immigration. In Sweden, a 2021 study found that foreigners were responsible for 59% of rapes in the nation despite making up less than 5% of the population. The same demographic — which primarily included males from the Middle East and North Africa — was also responsible for over 80% of “serious” rapes over that same time period.

Numerous breakdowns have found similar statistics in the U.K. over the past decade.

In Ireland, the migration spike has accelerated since 2021. The rapid spike has led to growing protest movements, which the Irish government has labelled as “far right” and responded to with force. The government has barred protests outside immigration centers and has granted migrants with special legal protections not extended to native Irish under forthcoming “hate speech” laws.

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