EurAsian Times: PLA Navy’s ‘Sharks’ Get Stealthier, China On Verge Of Producing ‘World-Class’ Nuclear Submarines – US Naval War College 

It is well known that the Chinese Navy has numerical supremacy over the navies of other countries. However, a recently released report says that after five decades since it inducted its first nuclear-powered conventionally armed submarine (SSN), the People’s Liberation Army – Navy (PLA-N) is on the verge of producing “world-class” nuclear submarines with its propulsion, quieting, sensors and weapons capabilities approaching that of Russian Akula -I class SSN. 

Acoustic stealth is one of the salient attributes of modern submarines. The quietness of the design is seldom revealed, but the assumption can be safely made that Chinese submarines are increasingly becoming stealthier. 

The report released by the US Naval War College assesses that this giant leap in technology will have “profound implications” for US undersea security.  

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