Bloomberg: Biden Will Likely Announce 2024 Bid After Holidays, Klain Says 

(Bloomberg) — White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said he expects that President Joe Biden will announce he’s running for re-election after the US Christmas and New Year’s holidays. 

“The president will make that decision. I expect it shortly after the holiday,” said Klain on Monday at the Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council summit. “I expect the decision will be to do it.” 

Biden is coming off midterm elections in which his Democratic Party fared far better than expected and has said he intends to run again. But he’s said an formal decision will come early next year. 

The president and his family were expected to discuss whether to run again during their Thanksgiving holiday on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts, according to current and former aides, who said those talks would continue during the Christmas holidays.  

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WNU Editor: President Biden was hinting during his 2020 Presidential run that because of his age he was going to be a one term President. But if White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said he expects that President Joe Biden will be running again in 2024, the odds then strongly favour that he will run in 2024. 

I personally think that President Biden’s “dementia moments” disqualify him to be President right now. His condition has deteriorated profoundly in the past year, and being one who is taking care of a loved one who is suffering from dementia, I know too well on what to see and expect. 

I can only hope that President Biden’s wife and family see the same thing, and will say no to another run. But I am not part of the Biden family. I am not even an American. Just a Canadian looking across the border and seeing (and commenting) on what is happening in the US.. 

So what do my WNU readers think?