Anderson said he told some members of his family about his retirement on Friday, after the news was first reported in the Guardian.

“I feel relieved it is out and people know and I don’t have to keep it a secret,” Anderson said.

“My dad was like ‘alright yep, cheers’. He probably had a suspicion.

“My mum was slightly more emotional.”

Richard Thompson, the chair of the England and Wales Cricket Board, has called for Anderson to be given a “send-off like no other” at Lord’s but Anderson said he has “not thought too much about” the finale.

“Nearer the time and around that Test different emotions will start rearing their head,” he said. “Right now I am happy with everything.

“I am glad I get to play cricket again. I am looking forward to playing for Lancashire, playing that first Test, having fun on the field and remembering why I started playing the game.

“I would like to end it as I started it, loving bowling, showing my skills and helping the team win.”