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Since Monday, state authorities reported that he couldn’t be located, which led to operations to find his whereabouts.

Jalisco journalist Jaime Barrera Rodríguez was found alive, after being reported missing on Monday, March 11.

Itzul Barrera, the journalist’s daughter, reported the news in a publication on her ‘X’ profile, formerly Twitter, in which she thanked the support received during the three days that her father was missing.

This Monday, March 11, state authorities reported the disappearance of Jaime Barrera, which led to operations to find his whereabouts; he was finally found.

The Jalisco State Prosecutor’s Office confirmed what was published by Itzul Barrera, detailing that the journalist is in good health.

What is known about the disappearance of Jaime Barrera?

Jaime Barrera disappeared on Monday, March 11 when he was heading to his truck after leaving his workplace. According to the Jalisco authorities, it was at that moment that he was intercepted by  three or four people, who abducted him.

The authorities announced that the gray 2024 Fiat Fastback, in which he was traveling, had been found between Manzana 23 and Manzana 17, in the Fovissste sector I neighborhood, in Zapopan.

The vehicle was abandoned and unmanned. Elements from the Guadalajara Security Police Station, the State Prosecutor’s Office and the Secretariat of National Defense arrived at the scene to supervise the actions and gather information for the investigations.

Jaime Barrera returned safely to his family 

The general strategic coordinator of Security, Ricardo Sánchez Beruben, arrived at that place, as well as the Jalisco prosecutor, Luis Joaquín Méndez Ruíz.

They carried out the corresponding procedures in conjunction with the Jalisciense Institute of Forensic Sciences; municipal police from Guadalajara and members of the Secretariat of National Defense also arrived.

Jaime Barrera’s daughter confirmed the news from X

It was necessary for them to call a locksmith so that he could open the truck and they could process the entire interior inch by inch.

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