“HEARST” for Borderland Beat

La Voz del Pueblo alleges that CJNG’s El Loco was behind the Lagos De Moreno video, however they don’t clarify what evidence they have to support this claim. 
El Universal columnist Hector Mauleon alleges the five victims were last seen at a known CJNG drug sales point. 
New video shows that there was graffiti that read both “MZ” and “CJNG” on the building adjacent to the filming location. 

Filming Location Found 

The FGE sent out a press release, which read in part that:

“Ministerial and investigative police agents located a building in the Orilla del Agua neighborhood in the aforementioned municipality, where evidence was found, including blood stains and footwear, suggesting that the five young men were in the house.”

They also tweeted out the following images of the location:

The building appears to be a decrepit brick building with an enclosed courtyard. 

Examining the Photos Released

It’s worth noting that a number of distinctive brick features in the wall seen in the video match up with the wall seen in the FGE’s officially released photo. 

Within the video, graffiti of a smiling face could be seen on the brick wall. In the FGE photo of the wall, that section appears to have either been cleaned or photo edited out. 

The FGR statement footwear from the victims was found inside the building so the cartel members washing out that smiley face isn’t going to “hide” the fact that it’s the filming location. 

And if the hitmen are not taking the time to pick up the victims’ shoes, it’s hard to imagine the hitmen taking the time to scrub away the smiley face. 

One of the FGE photos shows crime scene technicians who have placed down evidence markers. 

Some of the evidence they marked appears to be a water bottle, twine, and some cloth or duct tape. 

PacoZeaCom recently published a video showing the interior of the building. 

Graffiti on the left wall reads, in English, “a slaughtering is the best medicine.” Graffiti in the center reads ‘bienvenidos” or welcome, along with a monster face. 

Graffiti on the right side, in red, reads “MZ”. Near the “B” in “bienvenidos” there appears to be the letters “CJNG” which has been painted over.  

To the right of bienviedenos is graffiti which reads “pero que no es fiel nacio pa’ gato” which means, roughly, “an unloyal dog is destined to be a cat,” or “a dude who isn’t loyal was born to be a cat.”

Mirador De La Santa Cruz vs Mirador San Miguel

A news article from PubliMetro claimed that the men were last seen at Mirador de la Santa Cruz. 

However, after reviewing more sources, it appears that PubliMetro got it wrong and the location the men were last seen was actually Mirador San Miguel, which is located within the city of Lagos de Moreno. 

The location of the bloodstains investigated by the FGE appears to match Mirador San Miguel and not Mirador de la Santa Cruz.

New Allegations by La Voz del Pueblo

The cartel news Twitter account La Voz del Pueblo tweeted that CJNG figure Eduardo Pizano Jimenez, alias “El Loco” was behind the video, writing:

Attached is a image of Eduardo Pizano Jiménez,Alias: “Loco” leader of the “#CJNG” in #LagosDeMoreno responsible for the kidnapping and murder of the 5 young men.

Rogelio Márquez Montoya, El Yeyo and Arturo Alvarado Pérez, El Greñas members of the #CJNG both from #LagosDeMoreno and subordinates of “El Loco” linked to the kidnapping and murder of 5 young people.

 And in a third tweet, they wrote: 

David Jimenez Padilla,aka: “El Orejon” leader of the “#CJNG” in #TepatitlanDeMorelos,#Jalostotitlan and #LagosDeMoreno linked to the kidnapping and murder of the 5 young men.

It should be noted that La Voz doesn’t cite any evidence or even reference a source for their claims. 

More information on these alleged CJNG figures, especially El Loco and his brother, to follow in an upcoming post. 

New Allegations by Mauleon

The journalist Hector De Mauleon, from El Universal, recently released an article about the video with a number of new claims.

He wrote “two white vehicles arrived at Mirador [lookout point] San Miguel, in Lagos de Moreno . They were a pick up truck and a SUV. Both white. More than ten armed men exited the vehicles. Several witnesses saw it happen: the men went directly to the stands where five young men were sitting.”

To review, Heraldo de Mexico alleged the men were heading for the “Lagos de Moreno Fair” and PubliMetro alleged that the men “were traveling together in a brown sedan with license plates JTJ8638 when they were allegedly kidnapped by armed men.”

Mauleon disagrees with both of these version of events, saying “They were not intercepted on the highway, nor in the vicinity of the Fair. A blood stain was left in the stands [of Mirador San Miguel].”

He continues, “At that location, there are athletic courts. It is a meeting place for families and, above all, for young people. But —in Lagos de Moreno everyone knows this— it is also a point of sale and distribution of drugs, totally controlled by the Jalisco Nueva Generación Cartel.”

“Their captors took the young men — Roberto, Uriel, Dante, Jaime and Diego — to a building located minutes away, in the neighborhood called La Orilla del Agua. There the horror video was recorded.”

Mauleon alleges that “for several years, the Sinaloa Cartel —with cells under the command of El Mayo Zambada, which sign their atrocities with the acronym MZ, the same ones seen in the video of the execution of the five boys— was able to dominate the largest part of the region: Teocaltiche, Villa Hidalgo, Union of San Antonio, San Juan de los Lagos, Lagos de Moreno. However, a group from the Jalisco Cartel was sent from Zacatecas to recover the area.”

This is, as far as we know, not accurate. The CDS forces in this region are primarily led by Mario Gonzalez, along with La Corona, are known to be Chapitos aligned. 

There are CDS – Mayo forces, who call themselves los Fletchas and Operativa MZ, in the larger area but not in any of the places he specifically listed out.  Mauleon, ultimately, doesn’t say whether it was CJNG or CDS behind the video.