Moscow Times/AFP: Moldova Separatists Say Foil Ukraine-Backed ‘Terror’ Attack 

The leader of Moldova’s breakaway region said on Thursday that his government would appeal to the UN Security Council to probe a “terror” attack and ensure the security of Transnistria. 

Pro-Russian authorities in the region earlier on Thursday accused Kyiv of planning such an attack, fueling fears of a spillover of the Ukraine conflict. 

 “I have already instructed the foreign minister to prepare appeals to all members of the UN Security Council,” Transnistria leader Vadim Krasnoselsky told residents in a live broadcast, adding it was important to “look into this situation and ensure our safety.” 

He claimed that members of Ukraine’s SBU security service were involved.  

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Update: Moldova separatists say Ukrainian plot against leader foiled (Al Jazeera)  

WNU Editor: Ukraine is denying these reports …. Transnistria: Ukraine denies attempt on Moldova separatist leader (BBC).