“CHAR” for Borderland Beat

This article was translated and reposted from RIODOCE

Authorities in Hong Kong seized a significant amount of liquid methamphetamine valued at more than 331 million pesos inside jars of hot sauce from Mexico; the find represents the largest seizure of this type of drug made in that country in 2024.
Customs officials reported that the methamphetamine, also known as “Ice”, was discovered in a clandestine warehouse in the Fanling district at the end of May.
The operation resulted in the arrest of a U.S. citizen and a local resident.
On May 29, Customs inspectors intercepted a shipment consisting of 60 boxes with 720 bottles supposedly containing hot sauce, and after a meticulous analysis, it was discovered that 264 of those bottles contained liquid methamphetamine.
Superintendent Joseph Kwok reported that the clandestine warehouse located in Fanling district served as a transit station to temporarily store the methamphetamine before it was processed in a laboratory for further distribution.
Hundreds of kilos of chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide, were also seized, along with air purifiers, exhaust fans and cooking utensils, among others.
In October 2022, authorities in that country seized another shipment of liquid methamphetamine worth US$140.8 million hidden in boxes of coconut water from Mexico.