Already, Republicans are distancing themselves from McCarthy’s remarks, even as he’s leading the race to be the next speaker of the House, and defending the panel they formed to investigate the 2012 attack on the Libya consulate. Democrats, on the other hand, have demanded that the panel be dissolved, with some Clinton allies even calling for McCarthy to abandon his bid to become speaker.

Naturally, this was not the real reason for McCarthy’s exit from the speakership.
The real reason McCarthy withdrew his name from consideration for House Speaker was his affair with Renee Ellmers.

You can also read that letter in its entirety here:

WALTER JONES – 10.6.15 Letter to McMorris Rodgers

The letter is resurfacing again as McCarthy has thrown his name into the ring to serve as House Speaker once more.

According to McCarthy, he’s GREAT! If you really want to read about McCarthy’s self-worship, scroll on down.