Well, this could be a case of “Ask and ye shall receive,” or possibly a case of Too Much, Too Little, Too Late.

The Michigan Republican Party and its governing committee are entertaining the idea of circulating a petition to hold a vote which then could put another vote on the line to remove the current GOP chairperson Kristina Karamo as the captain of the state party.


Of course, when I say captain, I mean like the Titanic.

The state of Michigan’s Grand Old Party has been in a bit of disarray since Karamo’s election back in February of this year. Since her election, the state party has effectively neutered itself internally and instead of her living up to the promise of building “a political machine that strikes fear in the heart of Democrats,” she has amused the Democrats by self-imploding the opposition party to the crazy progressive left.

When one of your first actions after being elected is to announce you will not use the building the GOP has used at its headquarters in the state capitol and move to a P.O. Box, you are not going to be on any track to success.

Did the Michigan GOP Just Concede the 2024 POTUS Race With Its Latest Move?

The latest installment of the Michigan Republican Follies comes in the form of news that the newly elected Michigan GOP chair Kristina Karamo has decided to abandon the Michigan GOP headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. There is nothing really wrong with the building, but she decided that it was time to move party operations across the state and use a P.O. Box out of Grand Rapids for an official mailing address.

How 21st century is that?

From The Detroit News

Kristina Karamo, the new chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, announced Monday she doesn’t plan to use the GOP’s longtime headquarters in Lansing, a development that represents a significant shift in the party’s operations.

Karamo, a frequent critic of the so-called Republican “establishment,” contended there were better ways to expend donors’ contributions than paying a trust, run by former party chairs, that controls the property. It would cost about $12,000 a month to keep operating out of the building, wrote Karamo and her co-chair, Malinda Pego, in an “update” email to Republican activists.

“Instead of paying a lease/rent to ‘a trust’ that is claiming we can’t even see the trust documents, and instead of attempting to repair the building that does not belong to MIGOP, we shall not be making use of this building given that, to do so, does not represent best use of fundraising dollars,” Karamo and Pego wrote.


That was just the beginning of this cluster you-know-what, and it has only gone downhill from there.

Now, with less than a year to go before a presidential election, the board that oversees the Michigan Republican Party is looking to possibly take action to remove Karamo from her dutifully elected position and replace her with somebody slightly more competent as was written right here:

Former staunch allies of Michigan GOP Chairwoman Kristina Karamo, who assumed the role following an unsuccessful secretary of state campaign, are now uniting to remove her as the party remains mired in infighting and hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.

It’s a swift fall for Karamo, an election conspiracy theorist who in February was overwhelmingly elected by grassroots activists to lead the state party through the next presidential election until early 2025. Michigan Republicans were coming off historic losses in the 2022 midterms, and Karamo promised to rebuild the state party into “a political machine that strikes fear in the heart of Democrats.”

Just nine months later, a petition is circulating within the state GOP calling for a vote to remove Karamo as chairwoman, according to internal communications obtained by The Associated Press. Party members supporting the petition say Karamo has done little in her time to advance the party, which had at least $500,000 in debt as of last month.

With the MI-GOP reportedly about to default on loan payments, that $500,000 issue seems like a problem from happier days. TOAST: Michigan GOP Is About to Default on Loan Payments, According to Budget Cmte. Member Who Resigned


From that article:

As predicted, the end is approaching with a budget person jumping off the ship, by giving her resignation letter Thursday (and the story was covered right here).   

The Michigan Republican Party is considering how to deal with “imminent default” on its line of credit, according to a resignation letter from a member of the state GOP’s budget committee.

The message, obtained Thursday by The Detroit News, reveals the seriousness of the financial problems facing a party in a battleground state a year before the 2024 presidential general election. Kristina Karamo, the Michigan GOP’s chairwoman, has struggled to raise money after rising to power in February while railing against the party’s “establishment,” including past donors.

Jessica Barefield of Livingston County serves on the Michigan Republican Party’s state committee, which features about 100 members. She also had been one of 13 Republicans on the influential budget committee, helping to oversee the finances. Barefield said in a resignation letter the budget committee had a Friday “emergency meeting” when the panel “was asked to weigh in on action steps regarding the imminent default on the line of credit,” indicating the party is struggling to meet its obligations to pay back its past debts.

If the petition is signed by 50 percent of the GOP committee to consider the motion to remove, they would then need 75 percent of that approximately 100-person board to vote to remove Karamo from her position and try to rebuild the party in less than a year before an election. 


While I applaud this obvious move to remove somebody who’s clearly not doing the job, this is the part that, unfortunately, I believe is too little too late.

The action to remove and replace the current chair might be able to take place during the holidays but most likely will not. Whoever takes the reins then has about 10 months to rebuild a party that needed a total overhaul after the 2020 election. 

The old saying that Rome wasn’t built in a day applies precisely here. 

The Michigan Republican Party, after the debacle in 2022 lost both the governor’s race and the majorities in the House and the Senate, should have had the best and brightest doing an evaluation and coming up with a plan to start building out for the 2024 election. Now, if Karamo is removed, the next person in is first going to have to do an evaluation and go through the smoldering embers and try to figure out how to keep people running for state office from not sliding totally into oblivion and making those races competitive. That would be the best we could hope for in this time frame.

In the next 49 weeks, I think that is the best we could hope for, and then build upon that.

In the future, though, I would hope that the party would steer clear of anybody who runs for a leadership position in the party and gets creamed by 14 points and then refuses to concede, claiming voter fraud. If the party faithful do ever travel down this road again, they could expect more of the same result, and I would like to offer a humble suggestion that they maybe would like to consider:


You might be electing a Democrat in disguise.

Just a thought.