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Democrats seized New York’s 3rd Congressional District after the New York GOP propped up and spent millions on IDF veteran, dual citizen and registered-Democrat, Mazi Melesa Pilip.

Moderate Democrat, former and soon-to-be Rep. Tom Suozzi will now fill the seat of former Republican Rep. George Santos. The victory was with ease for the Roman Catholic Democrat in a district that voted for President Biden in 2020 by 8 points, according to The Hill.

The race was considered vital for Republicans to maintain control of the House after neoconservative Long Island reps backed the Israeli-Zionist Pilip. Pilip put up a weak campaign, constantly second-guessing herself and, during the debates, fueling the fire more with emotional outbursts.

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Local constituents acknowledged her very apparent flaws, with some deciding to abstain from voting. Older generations, primarily on the side of Pilip, were also put in a tailspin after the island’s snowfall. Residents saw it as not worth trekking to the ballot for a candidate they didn’t connect with.

Democrats utilize voting early or by mail, while Republicans, still in the past, depend on votes in person on Election Day. The nor’easter that rattled the island brought out that disadvantage.

Santos is only the sixth person in U.S. history to be expelled from the House.

Democrats had a real opportunity to give it to the GOP after the ousting of former congressman Santos. Santos had originally won in 2022 in an upset but was later expelled after an ethics probe concerning the falsification of his background and possible outstanding criminal charges.

Pilip, a little-known county legislator, really didn’t stand a chance against Suozzi, who had local name recognition for his work as that district’s congressman. The Hill reported that Democrats outspent the GOP in this race, raising Pilip over three times in the final quarter of 2023.

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas testifies before a Homeland Security Committee hearing before his impeachment.

Now, because of the Democrat victory, they can focus more on the presidential primaries and have a boost in confidence. The Republicans cannot do the same, as the majority will be slimmer at 219-212 with four vacated seats. This means only two members can dissent for a vote to pass. The Hill referenced the impeachment of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandra Mayorkas as an example, which only passed by one vote.

The New York 3rd District is among five in the state that will decide the control of the House this November. All of these five voted for Biden in 2020 but elected Republican representation two years later. So, here is an opportunity for Democrats to really make their mark, as Suozzi will be an incumbent.

Pilip and former Rep. Suozzi battled over NY-03, leading to the Democrat’s victory.

National Republican Campaign Committee chair, Rep. Richard Hudson (N.C.), tried to mitigate the loss by telling The Hill:

Joe Biden won this district by 8 points, Democrats outspent Republicans two-to-one, and our Democrat opponent spent decades representing these New Yorkers — yet it was still a dogfight. Republicans still have multiple pathways to grow our majority in November.

Such a statement takes no accountability for Republicans’ poor choice, waste of money and blatant deception behind propping up a Democrat.

The Hill argues that the GOP’s messaging, particularly on immigration, was insufficient for the win. Pilip’s whole campaign, although latently dedicated to her identity, was a simple message: stop illegal immigration. But did the GOP really believe an Ethiopian-Israeli could convey such a message, especially to Long Island’s Republican demographic?

Interestingly, most voters considered immigration to be a significant part of their vote, according to an Emerson College poll. That same poll found that voters had more faith in Pilip than Suozzi on the issue.

In turn, Republicans constantly attacked Suozzi on immigration, referring to him as “Sanctuary Suozzi.” The former congressman’s track record on immigration is similar to other moderate Democrats, although he had acknowledged the problem during his last time in office, according to various reports, including from Newsday.

Pilip has never demonstrated herself “on the field” as much of a defender of the borders. People may have seen through the GOP’s bombastic rhetoric and essentially downplayed her ability because of it. On the other hand, Suozzi appropriately fended off the accusations and promised to work with both sides–something that appeared farfetched for the Republican candidate. Whether the former congressman comes through on his promises is another question.

After his victory in the special election, former Rep. Suozzi spoke in Woodbury, NY.

What is also noteworthy in this special election is the vast Democrat voter turnout. For instance, a Decision Desk HQ reported late Tuesday that Suozzi was in the lead by almost 8 points, with more than 93% of votes counted. Reportedly, Suozzi received above 60% of the vote in Queens, which is 15% above the 2022 Democrat nominee, Robert Zimmerman. It is also 8% above Santos’ victory. This thrust in Democrat action has implications for the 2024 presidential election.

Another factor to recognize in this election was the two parties’ manners in voting. Democrats utilize voting early or by mail, while Republicans, still in the past, depend on votes in person on Election Day. The nor’easter that rattled the island brought out that disadvantage.

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Ultimately, the New York GOP failed in its tactics, PR, its choice to nominate a pro-choice Democrat and lastly and commonly omitted by the media, hoisting the ideology of Zionism above conservatism.

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