“HEARST” for Borderland Beat 

New combat footage has been released which allegedly shows a December 7th ambush of Army soldiers by Cartel del Noroeste (CDN) hitmen in the border city of Nuevo Laredo. 

New photos of the vehicles and hitmen lying dead on the street have also emerged, along with details about one of the CDN leadership figures who was killed that night. 

Vehicle Video from September 

A video which shows footage of soldiers being ambushed by CDN hitmen was posted in a Tamaulipas Facebook group. The video was filmed from inside an Army vehicle (SEDENA) which was driving down a highway near Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

In the video, the soldiers can be heard saying: 

“Hit him, hit him!”

“Hit them with everything, throw everything at them”

“Aim at the front, over them, come on, let’s go.” 

“Stop shooting. Cease fire. They are using up all their ammo and they don’t know if he is dead!”

“They are shooting! To the left! It is an attack. Shoot them, shoot them with everything! We are under the bridge. I’m getting out, I’m getting out!”

Although some news articles have claimed this footage was filmed in early December, the timestamp at the bottom of the footage clearly shows “2022/09/22”, for September 09, 2022 and “21:35”, for 9:35 pm.

The newspaper El Horizonte seems to confirm this date, writing in their coverage of the video that the attack took place in September. 

A Different Video, Allegedly from December

The newspaper Tribuna has claimed that the video shown below is from a battle on December 7, 2022. If Tribuna is correct, then the following footage is from a completely separate incident then the footage shown earlier.

Tribuna writes that the soldiers were ambushed by CDN hitmen while they were on a routine patrol through the area. A number of photos which are alleged to show the aftermath were posted on social media.

Seven hitmen were allegedly killed in the encounter, along with one soldier. He was later identified as José Francisco Jacinto Licer in an official post by SEDENA.

Other sources, such as Grillonautas, claim that both videos are from September.

Please note, some images being shared online, like the ones featured below, are being misreported as images from this shooting. The photos however, are actually from a shooting in Cerro Azul, Veracruz.

El 200, the CDN Figure Killed During the December Shooting

La Silla Rota alleges that one of the seven men who died in the December shooting is the CDN figure Gerardo Peña González. He was known by the aliases “El 200”, “El Peña”, and “El Exótico”.

La Silla Rota cites as evidence a Facebook post that was made by an alleged friend of El 200, which showed two photos of him along with a message of condolence, which reads as follows, as translated by Sol Prendido: 

RIP Exótico.

I had the pleasure of knowing him because we were childhood friends. We met through my mom. 

Only God knows why he does these things. 

I ask for my father god to give strength to your family.

La Victoria city ranch will miss you 

El 200 reportedly began his criminal career working as a hitman for Los Zetas and when the group fractured, he joined one of the major splinter groups, the Northeast Cartel (Cártel del Noreste, CDN). Frustratingly, no other details about El 200 have appeared online as of the writing of this story. 


El 200 joins a handful of other CDN figures that have been taken down in the last month, joining the likes of the recently arrested Heriberto Rodríguez Hernández, alias “El Negrolo”.

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