Last Updated on August 23, 2023

Here we go again? There is a growing concern that due to a “new strain,” covid restrictions may soon return to the United States just in time for the 2024 election. Less than 50 thousand votes decided four swing states in the 2020 election, meaning 10 thousand fraudulent mail-in ballots spread across four swing states would be enough to swing the 2024 election.

Commenting on a report that a Virginia resident has contracted the new “covid variant,” Laura Loomer wrote, “Here we go again… nobody is falling for this bullshit. Everyone can see this is only now happening now that Donald Trump is beating Joe Biden in the polls. NONE OF US ARE COMPLYING WITH YOUR LOCKDOWN LIES AND BULLSHIT @JoeBiden!!! NONE OF US!”

NationalFile reporter Charles Downs was one of the first to comment on the “new variant,” writing, “Trump’s crowds and lead over DeSantis & Biden are massive, so it looks like the globalists are going to attempt to bring back masks and other covid restrictions so mass mail-in voting can be a thing again. Do not comply. Say no to mail-in voting.”

Forty thousand votes across four swing states decided the 2020 election. Mail-in voting allowed Biden to receive mass gains late in the night. Due to Covid, almost anyone could vote via mail in the swing states of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada. Before Covid, most of these states had a rigorous process to receive mail-in ballots.

Once Covid hit, the rules to obtain mail-in ballots were changed in the swing states listed above. Even worse, the election rules were changed without the approval of the state legislator, making the changes illegal.

The United States Supreme Court refused to take up Pennsylvania’s election case before the 2020 election. Pennsylvania was one of the states that changed their mail-in voting laws prior to the 2020 election. Biden received a massive mail-in ballot dump in Philadelphia on the night of the election.

The old saying “Why reinvent the wheel?” should be asked here. Globalists effectively used a “pandemic” to bend the rules to get the desired election outcome. It makes perfect sense for them to do it again.