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The Independent: Biden willing to discuss end to Ukraine war with Putin but says Russian victory is ‘beyond comprehension’ 

President Joe Biden on Thursday said he would be willing to meet with Russian president Vladimir Putin to learn whether he’s willing to end his nearly year-long invasion of Ukraine, but not unilaterally and only after discussions with America’s Nato allies first. 

Speaking at a news conference alongside French president Emmanuel Macron after a three-hour bilateral meeting between the two leaders and their respective advisers, Mr Biden said he’d take a meeting with Mr Putin “if he’s willing to talk to find out what he’s willing to do”. 

“But I’ll only do it in consultation with my Nato allies. I’m not going to do it on my own,” he added.  

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Update #1: Biden open to talks with Putin about ending Ukraine war as US, France show united front (USA Today)

Update #2: Biden has ‘no immediate plans to contact’ Putin, will only speak if he is ‘looking for a way to end the war’ (FOX News) 

WNU Editor:I see zero chance of Biden and Putin talking anytime in the near future …. Biden has ‘no immediate plans’ to contact Putin (The Hill).