Mahongwe Reliquary Figure - Aboriginal Indigenous Art

Mahongwe Reliquary Figure

Royal Figure w/ Serpent - Aboriginal Indigenous Art

Royal Figure w/ Serpent

Bambara Female Seated Maternity Figure - Aboriginal Indigenous Art

Bambara Female Seated Maternity Figure

In honor of Black History month Kings Auctions Inc. is honored to present private African Art collection of over 200 pieces.

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 8, 2023 / — In honor of Black History month we are honored to present for auction, the private collection of Western African, Spanish Colonial Reliquary, Aboriginal Artifacts, and Iconography art of collector Timothy Koock from Texas. The event is managed by Kings Auctions Inc. Las Vegas and Kings Auctions Inc. Austin through Live Auctioneers. Absentee bidding is already underway so you may bid now and/or during the live event on March 5, 2023 starting at 9:00 AM.

The culturally significant collection was curated over the collectors lifetime and includes artifacts, tools, ceremonial objects, and items from the Yourba people, Fali people, Bamum people, Bambara people, Baoule people, Dan people, and Akan people. Kooch acquired most of his collection through auction at Sotheby’s and Christie’s so collectors who missed out then now have another opportunity.

Timothy Koock was the founder of Woolsacks, who operated the only burlap sack making company in the country and earned the title “Home of the Largest Burlap Bag in the World” from Guinness World Records in 2013. With his wealth Kooch most enjoyed collecting Aboriginal, Indigenous, and Religious artifacts. He was also an ordained minister, and a monk, and participated in many religious retreats which is clearly represented in his collection.

Also included in the sale are a number of pieces from controversial American Postwar & Contemporary artist, Michael Tracy (1948) of San Ygnacio, Texas. The pieces are believed to be part of Tracy’s traveling exhibition, titled “Terminal Privileges” from 1987-1989.

Some of the most notable pieces include:

Lot 0169 features a Bamum Bronze Helmet Mask made of bronze and fabric derived from the people of the Bamum Kingdom in Cameroon, Africa. In the socially and politically stratified polities of the Grassfields Kingdoms of Cameroon, the display and ownership of masks are important indicators of privilege and prestige. This example shows a figure with mouth open and teeth shown, facial scarification, and designs that cover the entire mask. His hair is styled in “cornrows” and the mask is intended to be worn over the head, using the holes in the eyes to see. The piece measures a generous 17″ x 10″ and the starting bid is a minimal $500.

Lot 0168 features one of the most exciting offerings in the event with a starting bid of $25,000.00. For your consideration is a Mahongwe Reliquary Figure made of wood and brass by the Mahonge people of Gabon, Africa. This highly abstract form consists of a wooden figural sculpture that is almost entirely encased in metalwork. At the center are projecting eyes defined by brass bosses and a triangular brass nose. In frontal and rear views, the figure contours evoke the schematic shape of a leaf with a stem. A cylindrical protuberance at the top of the head is wrapped in copper wire, as is the cylindrical shaft of the neck. The piece is a statuesque 18.5″ tall and 7.75″ wide.

Lot 0347 features a large Burmese Buddha. The throne is an important symbol of the Burmese monarchy and features prominently in Burmese architecture and Burmese Buddhist iconography. The thrones were carved of wood, specifically by hereditary palace carpenters. An auspicious time was chosen by astrologers to commence operations, and construction of these thrones was heralded by a royal ceremony to propitiate spirits. The thrones were simultaneously constructed according to a prescribed list of requirements, coated with resin, and decorated with gold leaf and glass mosaic. The piece stands an impressive 47” tall and is 26”wide.

Lot 0354 features Iconography art by Michael Tracy. The piece is titled “Betrayed By A Kiss l” and the starting bid is $2500.00. Of course Michael Tracy (1943) is a major figure in American Postwar & Contemporary art, particularly in Texas. His paintings straddle the line between complete abstraction and figuration. This piece depicts a reenactment of a Mesoamerican “prayer,” as Tracy puts it, and is contextualized (or de-contextualized) through mostly illegible text scrawled in primitive, rigid, and angular lettering. Lacking any punctuation or spacing, a mode that’s loosely in line with Tracy’s own writing style, the accompanying text is suggestive of a dreamlike progression, syncing up with the imagery in a cryptic way. Encased in a tin, a contemporary variant of a Mexican Nicho box. The piece measures 27” high and 31” wide.

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