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US Department of Defense: “Why Ukraine Matters” Remarks by Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III at the Halifax International Security Forum (As Delivered) 

Mark, thanks for that generous introduction. It is great to be here with you all. And it’s always great to visit our outstanding Canadian allies—although I’m glad this conference isn’t held in February. 

Americans and Canadians share a deep commitment to freedom, human rights, and human dignity. So we’re here in Halifax not just because of our common interests. We’re here because of our shared values. Now, the city of Halifax is an extraordinary natural harbor. 

And this conference has always provided a wonderful harbor of its own—for fellow democracies to come together and work through the great security challenges of the day. And as partners in that work, I’m especially pleased that we’re joined by an outstanding and bipartisan delegation from the United States Congress.  

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WNU Editor: I have nothing new in US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin’s speech at the Halifax International Security Forum. But it was extensively covered by Russian media …. Russia has ‘impressive weapons’ – US defense secretary (RT). More here …. Outcome of Ukraine conflict will help define 21st century – Pentagon (RT).