Last Updated on February 24, 2023


Ron DeSantis Co-Sponsored a 2018 Bill (H.R. 6246) to Make Puerto Rico a State, joining more than THIRTY Democrats in their effort to bring in a new state, and certainly, TWO more Democrat U.S. Senators.

The DeSantis Co-Sponsored Bill, introduced by Puerto Rican Resident Commissioner Gonzalez-Colon in the 115th Congress, would have “enable[ed] the admission of the territory of Puerto Rico into the Union as a State, and for other purposes.”

The Bill, entitled “The Puerto Rico Admission Act of 2018,” is a pet project of Democrats and RINO Republicans alike. The bulk of the bill’s language consists of griping about disenfranchisement of Puerto Rican “voters” who are “disenfranchised.”

The DeSantis-sponsored bill even goes so far as to call Puerto Rican’s “second-class citizens” in the effort to add 2 more Democrat voting senators to the United States Senate.

What’s more, is that DeSantis’s Puerto Rican Statehood bill even goes so far as to bastardize the concept of the American Republic by appealing to the leftist trope that the United States is a Democracy, citing “basic reasons of Democracy” as a reason  for why the bill should be enacted.

Ron DeSantis Spokeswoman Christina Pushaw, hung up on National File publisher Noel Fritsch, when reached by phone and asked whether DeSantis still supports statehood for Puerto Rico.

Keep reading National File to keep up with DeSantis’s position on Puerto Rican statehood, and check out the tweet thread below to learn more:

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