Offshore windfarm in Denmark
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)  

Politico: Russia ‘mapping’ critical energy infrastructure, say Dutch intelligence agencies 

The report warns that “vital marine infrastructure” could be vulnerable to sabotage. 

Russia is “covertly mapping” critical infrastructure in the North Sea, including gas pipelines and wind farms, in preparation for potential acts of sabotage, according to a report by Dutch intelligence agencies. 

The joint report by the Dutch intelligence services AIVD and MIVD warns that “vital marine infrastructure” could be vulnerable to sabotage and that Russia is undertaking “activities that indicate espionage and acts to prepare for disruption and sabotage.” 

Russia was “very interested in how they could sabotage the energy infrastructure” MIVD director Jan Swillens told a news conference on Monday, adding that a Russian ship had been detected at an offshore wind farm.  

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WNU Editor: This warning follows the expulsion of Russian diplomats …. Netherlands orders Russian diplomats to leave (Al Jazeera). 

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