Last Updated on July 28, 2023

Ron DeSantis had another disastrous trip to Iowa on Thursday. His events had low energy, little interest, and horrific policy. This is as DeSantis falls to third place in some state GOP Primary polling.

Photos taken at Ron DeSantis’ Iowa events on Thursday show only 10’s of people in attendance. The Florida Governor has had a sharp decline in attendance in comparison to his May Iowa events.

Policy is a crucial reason for DeSantis’ decline in support. 45th President Donald Trump has exposed Ron DeSantis’ globalist policies. On Thursday, Trump released a video saying, “If DeSantis had it his way, the entire economy of Iowa would be wiped out.”

National File has reported in detail that the Ryan-DeSantis non-tariff trade policy would lead to foreign farms using cheap labor and flooding the American market, forcing American farms to close.

DeSantis told attendees at Thursday’s Iowa event that he would not cut Social Security for current benefactors but would cut it for Americans in the future. This is a horrific message to send to young GOP voters, basically telling them you will be America’s slave. Policy positions like this are why Donald Trump is leading DeSantis with young GOP voters by over 50 points.

DeSantis’ determination to screw over young Americans comes straight out of the Fox News Blackrock Playbook. Fox and Blackrock have been attempting to convince older Americans that the young generation is useless, hoping grandparents and parents sell their homes to Blackrock instead of their children.

DeSantis even had an awkward moment with a kid at an Iowa Fair on Thursday. DeSantis told a kid that the Icey they were drinking had too much sugar. DeSantis claims he supports parents’ rights, but at the same time, he is bossing around someone else’s kid at a fair.

DeSantis’ weird personality, combined with his horrific policy, has turned Iowa voters against him.

The Iowa Caucus kicks off the GOP Primary election in January.