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Chapter 1 – “The Backstory of RR Meeting El Apá”
Chapter 3 – “Meet El Gera”

RR | Chapter 4 “Meet Location.”

The CJNG Ranches

In Jalisco and southern Zacatecas, ranches are everywhere throughout the mountainous jungle of the region. Cartel Jalisco New Generation uses these ranches mainly for personal hideouts, group safe houses, training camps, and to produce cartel propaganda videos.

The cartel uses whatever ranches they want and have taken ranches from citizens by intimidation.
On the afternoon of August 9, 2022, El Doble R and El Gera met at a CJNG “safe ranch.” The ranch is on the border of Ixtlahuacán del Río and Cuquío in Jalisco.

El Doble R has ties to Ixtlahuacán del Rio. He is said to have personal property in the area he frequently visits. The second and third-ranked members of Gourpo Elite also have ties to the area. Ixtlahuacán del Rio is definitely under the control of RR and Groupo Elite.

Cuquío is the nearest bordering municipality. In the rural areas of Cuquío and Ixtlahuacán del Rio is mountainous terrain. In these remote areas, a web of interconnecting trail paths allows one to travel incognito. 

The green-shaped box is the area in Ixtlahuacán del Rio. where I believe the ranch for the meeting took place.

A section inside the green-shaped box illustrates The terrain and some trails.

This concludes the RR project. Did you learn anything? How messed up is the situation for those living in the areas we covered? Are “El RR” and “El Gera” 99%? Share your thoughts on both or anything related in a previous chapter. 
I will follow up with a separate post on his new ranch, but I am taking a vacation away from Ixtlauacán del Rio. Share your thoughts on a good subject for my next deep-dive project. The current idea is for a newly updated Chapitos Kidnapping 2.0 project.
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