FILE PHOTO. Russian artillery firing on Ukrainian Armed Forces positions in Lugansk, Russia © RIA Novosti; Viktor Antonyuk  

RT: Russia issues new estimate of Ukrainian combat losses  

Kiev’s forces lost over 8,300 troops last month, Moscow claims  

The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost over 8,000 troops and a significant number of military equipment over the course of November, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu insisted on Tuesday. 

Shoigu declared that, in November, Kiev’s losses amounted to more than 8,300 military personnel, five airplanes, ten helicopters, 149 tanks and more than 300 armored fighting vehicles. 

He added that Russia’s forces have inflicted considerable damage to Kiev’s military potential using long-range precision weapons to conduct massive strikes against Ukrainian military command centers and military-industrial complex facilities. 

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WNU Editor: No one really knows how many soldiers have been lost in this war. But everyone is in agreement that the fighting is intense, and that casualties have been heavy on both sides.