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Daily Mail: Dramatic moment Russian drone boat packed with explosives smashes key Ukrainian bridge as Putin unleashes new war weapon that Moscow hopes will turn tide of war 

* The unmanned object is seen in the water approaching the bridge at-speed 

* Some reports say it was underwater, while others say it was a surface drone 

A dramatic video shows the moment a Russian ‘maritime drone’ inflicts major damage on a key Ukrainian bridge connecting to Moldova. 

The unmanned object is seen in the water approaching at-speed in the dark. A huge explosion then suddenly erupts. 

Some reports say it was an underwater drone, while others believe the footage visibility shows it to be a USV – an Uncrewed Surface Vessel. 

Russia has previously attacked the road-rail Zatoka Bridge across the Dniester estuary in the Odessa region, a strategic link between Ukraine and its troubled neighbour Moldova, where the pro-EU government fell yesterday. 

 It is the first time Russia has used this type of attack in the war, analysts say.  

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