“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

Like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle falling into place to form a complete picture. The criminal mastermind behind the massacre that took place over two months ago in San Miguel Totolapan where 18 individuals were killed has surfaced. 

For this broadcast Samuel Avila Marin aka El Vago under captivity gives up the key players involved in the successful execution implemented by Los Tequileros against their adversaries. 

Following the attack José Alfredo Hurtado Olascoaga aka El Fresa, one of the leaders of the Familia Michoacana in Guerrero’s Tierra Caliente swore revenge. Yesterday he came through with his threats. 

Video translation is as follows:

Sicario: Whats your name?

Captive: My name is Samuel Avila Marin aka El Vago. 

Sicario: Where are you from El Vago?

Captive : I’m from Acapulco, Guerrero.  

Sicario: Where were you living?

Captive: I was living in Chilpancingo (Chilpancingo, Guerrero). 

Sicario: Ok. Now how about you tell me about the events that took place in San Miguel. 

Captive: I was the individual who planned that attack. 

Sicario: On whose orders?

Captive: It was done on the orders of Saul Beltran. 

Sicario: Saul Beltran then. 

Captive: I waited outside coordinating the armed attack. We had a mole inside the mayor’s office. 

Sicario: What’s the name of that informant who was giving you guys all that intel inside that meeting?

Captive: His name is José Alberto Nava Palacios. 

Sicario: He’s the person who told you guys everything?

Captive: He’s the individual who told us ahead of time about the meeting and who all was going to be there. 

Sicario: Who contacted this mole?

Captive: It was Saul Beltran. 

Sicario: Is he a friend of Saul Beltran?

Captive: I would have to say yes because he’s the one who gave us that connect in order for him to tell us what all we needed to know. 

Sicario: Why did Saul want to kill this person?

Captive: He said that was his worse enemy. 

Sicario: His enemy huh?

Captive: Yes. 

Sicario: Wasn’t Saul once the municipal president of San Miguel Totolapan and afterwards he became a congressman?

Captive: Yes. He was initially a mayor and then went on to become a congressman. 

Sicario: Who provided you guys with the firearms for that attack?

Captive: Saul gave us the weapons and funds to pay off the gunmen. 

Sicario: He provided everything?

Captive: Yes. 

Sicario: Ok. Was he thinking of taking over the whole town or what?

Captive: Yes. He wanted for us to take out everyone who stood in the way. And take control of the plaza so that we could move forward. 

Sicario: Well, take a look around you. There’s many of us here that you’d have to get rid of first. (Camera pans right to left showing a complete picture of the armed mob of men) Are you in any way hurt, has anyone psychically hurt you on your way here?

Captive: No one has hurt me. You’re seeing me as I was brought here, free of any injuries. 

Sicario: Ok then Vago. We wanted for you to clear our doubts about the events in San Miguel and now those doubts have been cleared for us. I had initially told you this wasn’t going to last long. Do you remember that I mentioned this beforehand when I first spoke to you? 

Captive: Yes, you said it wasn’t going to last long. 

Sicario: Very well then. I’ll see you Vago…

Los Tequileros Leader Saul Beltran Orozco 

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