Last Updated on December 17, 2022

The nation’s leading parent’s rights advocacy group, Moms For Liberty, has joined 26 other parent’s rights groups to demand transparency over the funding of public school’s push for social justice- equity programs, which are the foundation for the oppressive leftist social justice indoctrination of America’s youth.

The coalition nicely- but firmly (they are Moms, after all) slams each group for their destructive social justice activism, accusing the groups of being nothing good for children, schools, communities, or the country in general.

The coalition’s letters to each of the 5 high-profile social justice groups are each a unique and scathing rebuke for the ‘out of touch and damaging work’ each group is doing, citing specific examples of the wrongful impact they have on American public schools. In addition, each letter is a request to cease funding harmful programs.

For example, in the coalition’s letter to Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), the coalition slammed CZI for being racist against Latinos and other minorities with their ‘affinity groups’ and wrote: 

“The undersigned organizations request that the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative cease its Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) funding of America’s Public Schools as we believe that the initiatives that are being promoted in districts are negatively impacting student performance, while these donations may be well-intended the impact of this programming on student achievement and well-being is creating unintended consequences that will negatively impact not only individual students, but the education system is a whole.

Accordingly, we ask that these efforts be ended.

According to your website, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, LLC is committed to “doing our part to dismantle system racism and inequality into a champion equitable opportunities, both in our external work and internally at CZI.”

Your organization touts internal affinity groups such as” building leadership and knowledge for black employees for “Latinx employees”, the creating of affinity groups or separating employees by race constitute, radical racial discrimination based on race color, religion, sex, or national origin.

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Further, your education of the term “Latinx” is out of touch with the vast majority of America’s Latino Community; only 4% of Hispanic Americans surveyed prefer Latinx as a label of choice to describe their ethnic group.

According to a 2021 Gallup poll in January 2022 Axios reported that representative Ruben Gallego (D-AZ)  head of the Democrat Congressional Hispanic caucus campaign arm, announced last month that his Congressional staff is not allowed to use the word Latinx in official Communications,  tweeting, “when Latino politico’s use the term it is largely to only appease white rich progressives who think that it is a term we use. It is a vicious cycle of confirmation bias.”

That is scathing!

They stung the Gates Foundation, too, telling them to cease funding of Equity and stop blaming Western Civilization for the faults of individuals:

“We ask that these efforts be ended, including the Gates Foundation donations that provided Denver public schools with a ten million dollar grant that was used to create “college-ready on track network for School Improvement”, the initiative’s website states that it’s vision is to enable Educators, students and communities through “intentional design and networked Improvement and to dismantle systems of oppression and prepare all black and Latinx-students.”

A project that specifically purports to dismantle systems of oppression is concerning because it operates under the premise that the United States was founded on white supremacy and the racism it perpetuates. The idea that the education system, as well as the United States, is oppressive for select demographics, allegedly leading to poor academic outcomes. This places the blame squarely on Western Civilization as opposed to the time-honored belief of individual choices and actions of those involved. ”

That is brutal!

All 5 letters end with backing each foundation to reevaluate their spending on American schools.

Here is a link to all of the letters from the Moms for Liberty press release:

On December 13, 2022, a coalition of 27 organizations sent letters to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, Wallace Foundation, Windward Fund, and Chan Zuckerberg Initiative to express deep concerns over the funding of equity-centered initiatives in districts that are negatively impacting student performance.

We ask these foundations to consider reevaluating their foundation’s grant priorities so that we might work together to address and improve the quality of America’s public education system for all children.

The full letters can be found here:

We have released our Moms for Liberty guide for Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL has systemically transformed education, causing massive spending, declining mental health, plummeting proficiency rates, and concerning anti-American rhetoric. This parent guide is an introduction to SEL that is easy to understand with action steps to implement in your community.”

Download and share SEL Guide Here.