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Real Clear Politics: Sen. Chris Murphy: Reaching Critical Point Where Sending Too Many Weapons To Ukraine Could Compromise The Security Of NATO 

Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat on the Foreign Relations Committee, told NBC News on Tuesday that the U.S. needs to be careful not to send too much military hardware to Ukraine or it could risk compromising the security of other countries that depend on the U.S. for protection.  

NBC NEWS HOST: President Zelensky has called for F-16 fighter jets, but President Biden says he’s not sending them right now. A lot of your colleagues on Capitol Hill say that is the wrong move. They say the administration is giving President Zelensky enough aid to stay in the war but not to win the war. What say you? Should the Biden administration provide the F-16 fighter jets?  

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WNU Editor: Bottom line. Ukraine will not get any F-16s, and maybe other weapons will be limited.  

Update: Russian media is noticing this change in mood within Washington to support Ukraine …. Concerns mounting over Ukraine aid – top US official (RT).