“Sol Prendido” for Borderland Beat

The song La Familia Michoacána by Los Tucanes de Tijuana plays during a broadcast where several armed men appear outside in daylight hours.  

A blindfolded and semi nude skinny male is sitting down inside a makeshift grave. The tint of his skin is very pale in nature. His outward appearance is indicative of a person who was held in captivity under a blanket of darkness for far too long. 

Although no sound can be heard from the armed men who surround him. It’s easy to deduce that the captive is unquestionably complying in whatever is asked of him. 

His fear and meekness willingly conform to every demand with the expectation that his life will be spared. Two gunshots to his head at point blank range tell him otherwise. 

comandante zancudo  Los Tucanes de Tijuana