“El Huaso” for Borderland Beat

Six family members, including four children, were killed by a group of armed men who rushed into their home in the Guadalupe neighborhood of Pantehlo, Chiapas on Friday morning, June 14. 

Warning: Graphic photos of corpses in this article.

The attack occurred around 5:00 a.m. on the morning of June 14, when at least three armed men entered the home and opened fire on the inhabitants, killing six while they were still sleeping.

According to Chiapas Paralelo, the victims were:

Hernán López, 37 years old
Ernestina Guzmán Arias, 35 years old
Eliseo Ortiz Guzmán, 17 years old    
Víctor Ortiz Guzmán, 15 years old
Reynaldo Ortiz Guzmán, 4 years old
Hernán López Guzmán, 1 year old

Sedena responded to the scene and managed to capture three of the assailants alive. 

The reason for the attack is so far unknown. However over the last several years as violence has spiked in Pantelho, similar attacks targeting families were in retaliation for family members refusing to join the ranks of Los Herrera, a criminal group in the region.

Homicides in the state of Chiapas are soaring this year, totaling 400 from the beginning of 2024 until May, according to official government figures presented last week. Last year there were 500 homicides, meaning that this year is on track to nearly double last years count.

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