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Special Forces Train on Mazatlan’s Beach
The day before Culiacanazo 2.0 in the seaside resort of Mazatlán, tourists enjoying the beach were surprised.  Elite soldiers fully equipped for war slowly emerge from the water.  The group of intimidating soldiers moves toward the beach in an offensive formation. 
Ironically, this impressive demonstration occurred less than 24 hours before the massive operation to capture Ovidio.  Was this a coincidence or a planned drill? 
Posted by a TikTok user.

Tourists from Canada recorded the following in Mazatlan.
“Everything, literally, everything shut down. Not a soul on the beach. No automobile traffic at all. Restaurants were closed after the after the word got out about the arrest,” Greg Douglas said. “Normally, this area is just spilling over with locals and tourists, and everything went dead quiet.”

The city reopened Jan. 6 and everything was back to normal by Jan. 7. They were not in danger, but had to negotiate an extension at the hotel and re-book their flight to Vancouver with WestJet.

“Outside of a little added expenses here with the hotel and whatnot, it’s an extended vacation by a week,” Greg Douglas said.