Last Updated on January 18, 2023

The nationwide activist group Students for Ye is standing beside Sarah Ma, the Tulane University student who has been in the middle of a campus firestorm after Ma decided to write an editorial supporting Ye, the “Jesus Walks” rapper formerly known as Kanye West, as Ye speaks out against the Bolshevik establishment and criticizes the worldwide ethnonationalist Zionist movement for controlling institutions of power in America in a censorious way.

“Since I publicly defended Ye two days ago, I have received an onslaught of death threats and calls for expulsion from other students. Now, Tulane is telling me I am unsafe and that I should leave campus,” Sarah Ma recently stated. Ma attends Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, where the student body was approximately 40 percent Jewish as of 2020 and it has an entire Department of Jewish Studies.

Students for Ye weighed in, stating: “Students For Ye stands with all students who experience persecution for supporting Ye. The situation at Tulane University is appalling. Brave truthseekers and servants of Christ will receive relentless hate. We must place all fear in the hands of God and stand united.”

In her piece “Ye Did Nothing Wrong,” which she wrote for College Dissident (a national publication, not a Tulane campus outlet) Sarah Ma expressed brave uncompromising views about the sanctity of objective Truth.

Sarah Ma wrote, referring to Ye: “He grouped those who wronged him under the label of “Jewish,” but those who wronged him are Jewish. We do not spare black people the kindness of being called out by their individual names, so why does Ye need to call out those particular Jewish people by name?”

“He said that he loves Hitler, but he also said that he loves Jewish people. If you believe he loves Hitler, you must also believe he loves Jews. What is wrong with loving everyone?” Sarah Ma opined.

“Even criminals are assumed to be innocent before guilty. Why is the public striving to cancel Ye without any details or context? Social media platforms have silenced him, and the media is treating his supporters like they are Nazis,” Sarah Ma wrote in her column.

“The public must first understand why Ye is saying what he is saying before coming to an opinion. Ye is not any bit guiltier than the people trying to cancel him,” Sarah Ma wrote.

As NATIONAL FILE exclusively reported: Young supporters of Ye, the rapper formerly known as Kanye West, are launching a nationwide organization called Students for Ye to advocate for the anti-Bolshevik rapper’s potential 2024 presidential campaign. Ye has galvanized young people across America with his bold comments exposing Bolshevik media manipulation and the culture of censorship that targets anyone who speaks out against the parasitical establishment.

Students for Ye launched quietly and quickly racked up hundreds of interested potential members. Daniel Schmidt serves as the group’s National Chairman, Luke Hogan serves as National Vice Chairman, and Sean McCrossen serves as Social Media Lead.

The organization is quickly growing, and taking on campaign initiatives, offering an online informational survey for college students interested in supporting a Ye ’24 campaign.

They’ve also opened a page on Gab, and a “Ye War Room,” unaffiliated with the pro-Ye student group, is operational, with videos popping up on social media touting Ye as a truth-teller.

“I, along with college freshman Luke Hogan, launched Students for Ye a few weeks ago to organize students on college campuses to support a potential YE24 presidential campaign,” Daniel Schmidt, the National Chairman of Students for Ye, told NATIONAL FILE in an exclusive interview.

“Like many in the conservative movement, we love Donald Trump, but his lackluster announcement speech, coupled with his endorsement of Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, immensely disappointed us. What America needs more than ever is a fearless, visionary leader who puts both America and Christ first: Ye has demonstrated he can be that leader,” Schmidt told NATIONAL FILE.

“In just two weeks, nearly 800 students have expressed interest in joining Students for Ye, and we are working with people very close to Ye to actualize this vision. We are confident we can revolutionize the campus conservative movement if Ye runs for president,” Schmidt told NATIONAL FILE.

“Conservatives, liberals, Christians, and atheists alike have been let down by our leaders for decades in America. The reason Daniel and I have thrown all our efforts behind Ye is that he offers something distinct from the status quo,” Students for Ye National Vice-Chairman Luke Hogan told NATIONAL FILE.

“What he offers is a firm foundation on which to build a future America — it just so happens to be something intrinsically Christian,” Hogan went on.

“Americans worship Christ every Sunday. To have a proper republic, our leaders need to honor that fact and reflect it in our laws. Daniel, myself, and the hundreds of other Students for Ye members believe that Ye is the person to bring these ideas to fruition,” Students for Ye National Vice-Chairman Luke Hogan told NATIONAL FILE.

Clearly, anticipation is rising.