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During the operation they also arrested José Luis “N”, “El Pozolero”, who in August 2022 was accused of kidnapping and mutilation.

As a result of a raid on a warehouse in the State of Mexico, nine alleged members of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) were arrested and more than 20 bags with human remains were found in a narco-grave. The discovery occurred on January 13.

The body parts were buried under the floor of the property, located in Tenango Del Valle, in the video it could be seen that with the help of machinery, the authorities broke the cement to discover the property and the bags hidden in it, the murder victims would have been killed in Toluca, another municipality of EDOMEX, according to the Prosecutor’s Office of Justice of the State of Mexico (FGEDOMEX).

The perpetrators allegedly hid their victims under the cement floor (FGJEDOMEX).

For the moment, the judicial authorities have not been able to determine sex, age or correspondence between the human remains, there is no exact data about the number of victims, but “the corresponding forensic processes are continuing,” the statement said.

Among those arrested was Jaime Luis “N” whose aliases are El Pozolero or 666, the subject is a leader of one of the criminal cells related to the CJNG. An investigation into this man revealed an alleged connection to homicides committed in the Toluca Valley and in the southern region of the state of Mexico, and an agent of the Public Prosecutor’s Office requested search warrants for two properties where criminal activity had taken place.

The bags were hidden in the ground under the cement on the floor of a warehouse (FGJEDOMEX).

In the property where José Luis “N” or 666 was arrested, wrappers of marijuana were also found. In the recording released by the Prosecutor’s Office of the entity, it could be seen that one of the apprehended subjects made a signal to the camera when he was filmed for evidence.

This subject is originally from Oaxaca and was charged with the crime of kidnapping with the aggravating circumstance of “acting in a group of two or more persons, that is carried out with violence and during the captivity injuries are caused to the victim”.

The detainee had fled in August 2022 after being accused of kidnapping and mutilation of a woman (FGJEDOMEX).

It should be noted that in August 2022, Jaime Luis “N” participated in the kidnapping of a woman in Tenancingo and had her phalanges mutilated. Firearms and vehicles were seized from those involved; during this operation, El Pozolero allegedly fled while five other individuals were indicted.

The authorities involved in this operation were agents from the State Security Secretariat (SS), the National Defense Secretariat (SEDENA), the Security and Citizen Protection Secretariat through the National Anti-Kidnapping Commission (CONASE), the National Anti-Homicide Commission (CONAHO) and the State of Mexico Human Search Commission (COBUPEM).

For the moment it has not been possible to determine the identity or number of bodies located in the property (FGJEDOMEX).

It is important to mention that on January 12, a day before the discovery of the narco-grave, the CJNG threatened citizens with executions, “abductions” and cutting off hands in Valle de Chalco, Edomex.

This was the operation in which 9 alleged members of a criminal cell were arrested (FGJEDOMEX).

The members of the Jalisco-based criminal group used narco-banners to threaten people who claimed to be part of the criminal cell.

“I warn all the people of Chalco and Valle and its surroundings that anyone caught selling any type of drugs will be abducted and executed. Anyone caught stealing will have their hands cut off”.

On the banners they threatened with “abductions” and even with cutting off the hands of criminals.

The threatening text by the four-letter cartel also warned that people who didn’t obey would be executed and there would be an “arrangement for people who wanted to align (join)”.

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