Last Updated on March 29, 2024

The Anti-Defamation League, prepping for an incoming wave of censorship, released a report claiming that 2023 was the second year in a row to have a record high of “white supremacist propaganda incidents.”

The Jewish nonprofit said there was a 12% increase in incidents, totaling 7,567, up from 6,746. It also reported there was a rise in antisemitic propaganda to 1,112 from last year’s 852 claimed incidents.

The Ant-Defamation League’s chart on White supremacist propaganda over the years.

Note that the ADL abides by the IHRA working definition of antisemitism, which includes anti-Zionist or anti-Israel sentiments. The NGO defined antisemitic propaganda as “language or symbols, targeted [at] Jewish institutions or both.” The ADL believes the surge in antisemitism to be attributed to the Oct. 7 Hamas attack but not Israel’s genocidal response.

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said in the report, “When conflict erupts in Israel, antisemitic incidents soon follow in the U.S. and globally.” He curiously doesn’t explain why that is, though.

“Anti-LGBTQ+ propaganda” saw a 141% increase, from 68 to 164, of which the ADL attributes all of that to “white supremacists.”

The Jewish nonprofit mentions that it tracks hate against all peoples except Whites and Christians:

This annual assessment is just one dataset that helps to quantify the hate marginalized communities, especially those who are Jewish, LGBTQ+, Black, or immigrants, face on a daily basis.

Virginia and Texas reportedly saw the highest amount of White supremacist propaganda incidents last year. New York, California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Tennesse, Michigan, North Carolina and Maryland follow, according to the ADL’s Center on Extremism (COE).

The ADL defines White supremacist propaganda incidents as “the distribution of racist, antisemitic and anti-LGBTQ+ fliers, stickers, banners, graffiti, posters and laser projections.” That is a bit odd, given any race can believe and act out in those manners, but the ADL prefaces it as a White issue:

Propaganda campaigns are hugely popular among white supremacist groups and movements because they provoke media and online attention for the groups and messaging while limiting the risk of individual exposure, arrests and public backlash that often accompany more public activities.

The ADL claims that “Propaganda, which can affect entire communities, allows a small number of people to have an outsized impact,” reported The Hill.

As what a bystander can tell from this, there is a massive problem with dissent against the establishment. This report comes on the heels of The Daily Wire firing Candace Owens for alleged antisemitism. It also comes only three days after the banning of America First commentator Nick Fuentes’ third X account.

Candace Owens Takes Aim at the Jewish Lobby

Such reports by the ADL and other NGOs are meant to alert and instill fear, which typically leads to suppression and censorship of speech. More releases are expected as dissident accounts make their marks, and Con Inc. continues to scramble to remain relevant and truthful.

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